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The following essay "Breaking Prison Rules" is focused on ethical dilemma concerning imprisoned life. It is stated: "I believe that the foremost question that should guide my actions shall be based upon whether I believe that a prisoner has a right to privacy when it comes to personal communication"…
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Breaking Prison Rules
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A fact that he may have decided to use to his advantage but to my detriment as an officer. He most likely believes that I would help him communicate with the gun group based upon my openly known supportive stance. But regardless of my personal belief in their cause, my duty as a keeper of the peace must be upheld.
Therefore, I know that as a prisoner, he has no right to communicate with the outside world without due clearance and permission from the proper authorities. It is therefore quite obvious that, owing to his situation, I will not be violating his rights as a person when I open the letter and read the content for evaluation purposes. Depending upon the content, I may opt to pass the letter along or, if the letter proves detrimental to public peace or has a direct relevance in the on-going investigation, choose to submit the letter as further evidence to the court through the district attorney or his representatives. Read More
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(Breaking Prison Rules Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 278 Words)
Breaking Prison Rules Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 278 Words.
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