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Birth order: How can being a first born child affect ones personality - Research Paper Example

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Order of one’s birth might have significant effects on one’s personality and the way in which one conducts and presents him/her self in the society as well as within the family. The present study focuses on an understanding of the effects that might occur as a result of an…
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Birth order: How can being a first born child affect ones personality
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Download file to see previous pages the siblings are not born, the firstborns tend to spend more time with their parents and involve a sense of responsibility towards their families and parents (Cooper, 2010). The firstborns have proved to be generally more intelligent but the younger siblings are generally more outgoing (Study: Birth Order Affects Smarts, Personality, 2010).
B. However, the firstborns have been found to be less attached to their parents. This is primarily because the greater attentions are generally provided to the younger siblings at home. The middle and the last children are more attention demanding and may be manipulative at times in order to achieve attention from their parents (Powers, 2011, pp.93-94). It has also been observed that if parents are found to mistreat any of the children at home, the bond between the parents and the firstborns is generally affected (Kluger & Cray, 2007, pp.48-49).
A. Firstborns have proved to be more intelligent than their younger siblings particularly since they receive greater attention and care from their parents at their early ages when the siblings are not born and hence they were the only recipients of attention in their early school age times. Several studies have reflected that firstborns have scored better than their siblings in schools, particularly in math and verbal ability (Study: Birth Order Affects Smarts, Personality, 2010).
B. Some studies have also focused on the fact that firstborns prove to be smarter than their younger siblings, and hence tend to be more assertive and dominant. The experience that they have with their parents at their early ages tend to make them more hard working and confident leading them to achieve greater success in schools and in results. Firstborns are thus more attached to the values and principles that their parents follow (Cowley & Springen, 1996, pp.68-70).
A. Studies reveal that firstborns prove to be reliable, well-organized, hard working, sincere and a natural leader. They look up to their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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