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The paper 'Preventing and Reducing Homelessness' focuses on the population of homeless people in the United States which has declined considerably in recent times, there is still need to develop and implement certain federal, state, and local action plans to reduce and manage homelessness…
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Preventing and Reducing Homelessness
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The third intervention for reducing homelessness is by incorporating the input of various organizations and corporate bodies dealing with the provision of services for the homeless and their welfare, more so in metropolitan areas. In fact, there are numerous charitable organizations that could be instrumental in raising funds for settling the homeless (Rhodes & Frey, 2011).
The third strategy for reducing homelessness is the provision of the critical subsidy for housing trust funds and other long- and short-term homeless support funds. This subsidy will not only help long-term homeless people find houses but will also maintain the already established housing projects. The above strategies are however not as effective in reducing homelessness as preventive strategies are. However, if it is rather late to prevent a case of homelessness, it is advisable that such family or individual is quickly moved into housing. Through these strategies, the homeless would be less anxious, feel safe, and their children will have strong foundation for education, social skill building, and good health (Rhodes & Frey, 2011). Read More
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(Preventing and Reducing Homelessness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 311 Words)
Preventing and Reducing Homelessness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 311 Words.
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