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In the essay “Written vs Verbal Communication,” the author discusses the issue when many people feel very shy while conversing with others in everyday life. There can be different reasons for this including the inferiority complex. Improving self-esteem requires practice…
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Written vs Verbal Communication
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 Facial expressions play a very important role in communication. If a person feels that the other person is not feeling good to hear certain things from him by reading the other person’s facial expressions, the first person feels like changing his point in an attempt to please the second person whereas in the communication through computers, the first person is able to convey his true thoughts as there are no disturbing facial expressions to be noticed along the way. The person is able to speak his mind out because the feeling that he is actually talking to a human being is a bit suppressed as compared to face-to-face communication.
Overall, the use of computers for communication enhances an individual’s tendency to speak to others. It is a psychological phenomenon in which the person discovers his hidden oratory power and interpersonal skills with the passage of time while practicing in front of the screen. Friends made online in the virtual world are often life-long friends in the real world. Read More
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(Written Vs Verbal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 281 Words)
Written Vs Verbal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 281 Words.
“Written Vs Verbal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 281 Words”, n.d.
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