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Verbal and Non-verbal communication across genders and cultures NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: Verbal and Non-verbal communication across genders and cultures Introduction to Communication In everyday life, communication takes place on an ongoing basis and there are many ways in which people communicate with each other such as talking, messaging on cell phones, writing letters, e-mailing, facial expressions and gestures…
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Verbal and Non-verbal communication across genders and cultures
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, there are two types of communication i.e. verbal and nonverbal communication. The difference between two types of communication is that verbal communications incorporated sending or receiving of messages by using words, sound, language and speaking, meaning that it needs to be spoken and heard; whereas, nonverbal communication comprises of receiving or sending of messages via facial expressions, body language and gestures (Communication, 2012). Verbal communication takes two forms i.e. written (letters, memos and emails) and oral (speaking to someone in person or on phone and giving presentations). For instance, when a supervisor is giving presentation to his subordinates, then what he/she says and is written on slides in the presentation is verbal communication; while, the way he/she moves hands, body posture, expressions of face, gestures, body language and etc. are nonverbal communication. If he/she is speaking clearly and confidently, then it means supervisor has good verbal communication skills but if he/she stops in between the presentation or looks tensed and cannot speak properly, then it shows that communication skills are not properly developed. ...
Communication across gender In order to have effective communication in workplaces, it is important to understand gender’s perspective on communication. Both men and women prefer to communicate differently and an understanding about their perception on effective communication can avoid occurrence of resentment, reduced productivity and stress in the workplace. Since men and women socialize differently, they have diverse styles of speaking. Men like to have control and usually talk over and interrupt others during the conversations and they strive to show their dominance and superiority by taking conversation in their course of direction. On the other hand, women try to develop relationships while communication and tend to share information along with maintaining equality in conversations as they don’t feel like showing their dominance. Women value conversation rather than solution, while, men prefer to have solution-based approach as compared to be emotion-based. Men tend to have less personal and emotional expressions, while, women are emotional during conversation as well (Stern, 2012). For example, when a man is listening to woman about something and he is not talking to show he is paying attention, woman will interpret his quietness as boredom and feel that he is not interested in talking to her. Likewise, women repeat things during conversation to ensure that men understand what they are saying; while, men will perceive continuous repetition as their sense of insecurity and a low confidence level. Hence, both genders have different perceptions while having communication with each other. Communication across cultures In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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