The Current Climate of Financial Constraints Will Have a Dramatic Impact on Investigating Crime - Term Paper Example

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The author states that financial constraints have a dampening impact on the investigation and control of crime. If the menace of crime is to be driven out of society, then sufficient resources would need to be allocated to law enforcement agencies so that they can free the society of this problem…
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The Current Climate of Financial Constraints Will Have a Dramatic Impact on Investigating Crime
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Download file to see previous pages Adequate sources are required to prevent crime, both the sort of financial and manpower. Without ample resources, it becomes quite difficult to pursue, apprehend and later provide sufficient evidence to have the criminal (s) convicted and sentenced as befits the crime (s) committed. A well-organized police force is absolutely essential for fighting crime and maintaining law and order in any country. Due to the recession, the government has had to cut back its expenditures across the board. This has even resulted in layoffs in police departments throughout the country or has cut back their allocations for patrolling the streets to prevent street crimes (Moro, 2012).  The recession has affected every segment of society especially the working class. When people are without work for a prolonged period of time, even honest citizens sometimes turn to crime to pay their bills mostly in urban areas. In such situations, the resources of the crime prevention agencies are usually focused on serious or violent crimes, and they usually ignore lesser offenses such as burglaries due the scarcity of manpower and other resources such as cars for patrolling, or even clerical personnel for filing in report or preparing the paperwork to present the cases for court proceedings. In the absence of police personnel on the streets, minor arguments may escalate to shootouts or stabbings because the presence of police usually acts as a deterrent and prevents the situation from escalating. Other crimes such as auto thefts, shoplifting, provoked and aggravated assault, property crime, gang wars, murders, domestic battery, aggravated burglary, fraud, rape and kidnapping all are on the increase due to the cutbacks in police budgets. Besides having adequate personnel, other things that are essential for effective policing are vehicles, monitoring and tracking equipment (Moro, 2012). Computer systems for maintaining records and other paperwork.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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