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Different major social components affecting the youth has become a solid tool to express a personality and the paper tries to analyze how it affects an individual life and other social control issues that dictate a person’s behaviour in the modern world…
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Social Control Theory
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 Social component Introduction The modern world has brought about the increase of teen models in many advertisements. Fashion has become an extremely important aspect in the lives of many teenagers. It is a noticeable social statement as it helps them in expressing themselves to their peers and other people. This is because it places individuals in groups that they identify with and appreciate. This is one of the major social components affecting the youth and the paper tries to analyze how it affects an individual life and other social control issues that dictate a person’s behaviour in the modern world (Weinstein 2010).
Effects of social components
Many individuals are ignorant of the impacts of the social components at the time they are practicing they are loyal fans of the social components. This is because the effects shows after some time when the component is not considered a priority. Teens make trend choices that affect an individual moral behaviour because of the indecency and incompatible dressing mode with teenagers. Judgement should be the guiding factor when choosing the proper fashion trends to try out (Agarwal & Glencross, 2011).
The media as another element of socialization have helped in shaping the behaviour of individuals in the modern world. Television stations have come about with attractive, informative programs that promote moral values as well as entertain the youths. The news programmes offer information thus making people conscious of the daily happenings around the world. This is necessary as it enlightens a person on the current issues affecting individuals. The youth is socially and culturally responsive to the rest of the world. The level of influence of various social components fades away with age and time. This is because a person priority changes with time as well defined judgement. This helps a person in making the right choices brought about by socialization (Orpinas & Horne, 2006).
It is imperative for societal institutions such as schools and family unit to promote social values that are acceptable and morally upright. This is because it enhances and shapes individual behaviour in the society.

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