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Second Life Virtual Environment - Term Paper Example

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This paper demonstrates a virtual environment where avatars can exist. The author describes how to apply the systems contingency approach which views interactive computer systems as socio-technical subsystems which interact with each other. Also, the author discusses several subsystems…
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Second Life Virtual Environment
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Download file to see previous pages On this basis, it could be argued that there is potential for the existence of communities in Second Life, although the extent of social interactions may be somewhat limited because both verbal and non verbal communication may be somewhat limited and it may not be possible to completely dispel the impersonal element that is associated with the online environment.  Tan et al (1998) examined computer-mediated communication and the influence of the majority in both a collective kind of culture that exists in countries such as Singapore as compared to an individualistic type of culture, i.e, the United States.  The scope of influence of the majority in decision making was much stronger in an individualistic culture such as the United States, and this influence was stronger when a preference task was to be performed rather than an intellectual task.  Applying this within the context of a virtual environment, it could be inferred that it is possible for communities to exist and the decision-making systems would be determined on the basis of whether or not the rules applied in the virtual context conform to an individualistic social framework or a collective social framework.
       Societies in the real world generally tend to comprise different kinds of individuals, including those who are disabled or socially challenged in one form or another so that it becomes difficult for them to communicate effectively with other members of society. If the concept of a society or community is to be effectively transferred to the virtual environment, then provision also needs to exist for such members to also be able to survive within this environment.  As Keating and Mirus (2003) have pointed out, the Internet has created possibilities for new meeting places and new kinds of relationships. This may be a boon for deaf people because it provides them with a different medium they can use to communicate such as the manual, visual medium, thereby providing them the opportunity for higher and more intensive levels of communication in a virtual environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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