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Second Life and Virtual Labs - Research Paper Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Second Life and Virtual Labs as Tools for Application of Virtual Reality Second Life refers to an online virtual world, which was first developed and launched by Linden Lab developed 23rd June, 2003. Several viewers or client programs allow users of Second Life (Residents) to interact through avatars with other users…
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Second Life and Virtual Labs
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Download file to see previous pages Second Life is mainly utilized in collaboration, scientific research and data visualization as ways of enhancing knowledge. Examples of these include genome, SciLands, Virginia Tech’s Slate, American Chemical Society’s, ACS Island, Nature Publishing Group’s and Elucian Islands Village. The graphics, Havok physics engine and Linden Scripting Language allow simulation of several imagined or real devices and machines. Many light houses are present, some having detailed Fresnel lenses (Bruder, 23). Common equipments include combat weapon systems and steam punk buoyant airships. A bigger part of Linden Scripting Language Guide elaborates on the features available and which can be used for modeling vehicles. These as popularly used in airplanes, motorcycles, boats and cars. Manned vehicles are more advantageous even though there can be remotely or autonomous controlled vehicles. Clark (6) argues that a significant obstacle is sim (region) crossing. As opposed to cell phone handoffs, this is a challenge for users who are at walking speed. This has however been improved greatly by Linden Labs. The crossing becomes seamless when the user in mention has few resources allocated to them. Second Life physics is dependent on computer game physics. It consists of interpenetration avoidance of physical objects and avatars with physical or non-physical objects (Pauli Exclusion Principle’s approximation). For physical objects such as vehicles, real world motion is approximated. Avatars are used on vehicles and users have the ability of controlling them. Numerous system calls are part of the scripting language and are specialized for vehicle. They define their control and movement. However, the real world motion correspondence is quantitatively undefined. Second Life vehicles behave typically like vehicles in the real world in superficial ways only. The differences are essential in dealing with sim crossing challenge, internet communication latency and time step. Within these limits, a high realism degree is possible for some moving objects. However, with the available system calls, easier motions can be scripted quickly (Eastwell, 45). Genome Island literally began with a light bulb. A very popular scripting and building tutorial in Second Life is on making a light. This basic script’s modification animates many genome island experiments. Laboratory computers that can rum Second Life programs are already installed at Texas Wesleyan. This means that students can access Genome Island when in campus. The main grid is only allowed for people above the age of eighteen years and therefore the conceptual contents at Genome Island are created at a level suitable for university undergraduates. The materials do not correspond to any curriculum or textbook but comprise of encounters with genetic matters. The interactive maters behave as per established genetic principles. Activities are categorized in to four principal areas. Experiments include Mendelian inheritance principles, genetic interactions and inheritance patterns, drosophila, bacterial and molecular genetics and population genetic principles. Guest builders and other students can make contributions on the Atelier. Teleports are used for connecting experiments that are related to each other. The Bottle experiment message is a section of genetic coding on the Tower unit. The protein’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Second Life and Virtual Labs Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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