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In the essay “Development Across the Life Span: Euthanasia” the author discusses one of the most debated topics rather rights of the present world. It is one of such topics, in which every individual or strata of society hold a different view. Euthanasia, as meant in Greek, is a good death…
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Development Across the Life Span: Euthanasia
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Euthanasia is one of the most contested topics by the followers of God and the church. Often it is observed in the present world that various learned strata of the society that includes the professionals of law, medicine and others decide to end one’s life if they feel there is no remedy of the suffering of the patient. But in doing so they are challenging the very creativity of the Almighty. It is the God upon whom depends on the life of every creature and breathe of the entire mankind (Job 12:10, n.d.).
One should look up to the example of Jesus, who could have ended his life long before but he endured all the sufferings in the way of his death. God has supreme power and He can well save one’s life from the vary brink of death if He wills to do so. So, the judgment of the time and process of death should essentially be left to His discretion.
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