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The Ethical Responsibility And Moral Dilemmas Of Court Members - Essay Example

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The paper "The Ethical Responsibility And Moral Dilemmas Of Court Members" discusses the traditional concepts of Ethics that are based on the concept of obligation, the concept of honesty, integrity, trust, accountability, respect, confidentiality and fairness…
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The Ethical Responsibility And Moral Dilemmas Of Court Members
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Extract of sample "The Ethical Responsibility And Moral Dilemmas Of Court Members"

Download file to see previous pages To act morally in the public service department requires that an official keeps in consideration, the consequence and actions of the public service, are not detrimental to others.T his requires a change in the political and public environment that is conducive to impartiality trustworthiness, a sense of responsibility and accountability and the maintenance of a high degree of ethical and moral standards in the public sector.(Giddy, 2001,p 132)
Divine Command Theory: religion inspires ethical conduct even if it is not the foundation of ethical concepts and principles. Several commandments i.e. love thy neighbor is common to several religious principles. (Shamoo and Resnik, 2003, p 13-15)
The concept of good; Concept of moral value; Concept of personal identity; Concept of life; Concept of right and wrong; Concept of truth; Concept of justice; Concept of reason; Concept of perfection.
Dewey says that there is a good which comes from doing what is ‘right ’ that which accords with the law and the commands of duty. Men ought to find satisfaction in heeding the dictates of the right. There is a prevalent notion that right is the means to good (Dewey, 2007 . p232).
Men of affairs those in the position of power, executives and administrators are constantly under the temptation to view laws as an end in themselves and to think that the concept of right is secure through the issuing of rules and regulations and by securing conformity to them.
Different versions of the Pragmatic truth have been defended William James, John Dewey, and others, who hold a belief to be true if it is agreed to be true with the consensus of a number of rationale investigators. (Grčić, 2000, p55-56)
The ethical responsibility that surrounds this case study is that Michael Nguyen is stuck in a moral/ethical dilemma regarding the development or the creation of a new downtown in the vicinity of the Vietnamese - American businesses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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