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Religion and Theology - Essay Example

Emergency medical personnel perform endotracheal intubation and resuscitate her successfully. She then is taken to the local hospital for treatment of pneumonia and respiratory failure. After treatment for her medical conditions, she cannot be weaned from the respirator. The patient is able to communicate her wishes by using head signals and writing notes. After several weeks of treatment, she asks that the respirator be discontinued and she be allowed to die. Mrs. C. asserts emphatically that she would not have wanted to be resuscitated in the first place, although she never executed an advanced directive or discussed these specific wishes with anyone.  Cite the case that you are using. Describe the situation and the ethical dilemma (10%) The case presents an ethical dilemma for medical practitioners in decision-making because the Hippocratic Oath mandates them to preserve or help prolong life. The patients however, in this case, have decline further medical help via resuscitation and that she has wanted to die. The case presents a dilemma between pro-choice versus pro-life and an ethical dilemma on freedom versus control. These certainly will affect the nurses professionally because the situation will summon all their professional sense of values against the patient’s right to make autonomous decision of one’s life....
they ought to practice their profession with compassion, respect to patient’s dignity and their diversity, consideration of patients social condition and status, and the

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Religion and Theology
Every religion has its own beliefs and practices, Most of the believers usually insist that their religious beliefs are the best ones; few religious believers can be in a position to argue about the shortfall of their beliefs. Most of the people always insist that their religions are better than others.
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Religion and Theology
[Writer Name] [Supervisor Name] [Subject] [Date] Religion and Theology 1. PART A The principle or rule of double effect deals with a series of ethical standards, used to assess the acceptability of an act which would otherwise be legitimate but may also lead to certain undesirable outcomes.
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
Religion and Theology
The debate of the afterlife among various religions has continued to generate heated debate in different forums. Similarly, it is critical to note that there are numerous religions around the world such Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Ascetism and Islam among many others that possess their individual doctrines and beliefs (Berry, 2006).
8 pages (2000 words)Research Paper
Religion and Theology
Name of Student: Course: Name of Tutor: Date of submission: Religion and Theology Throught the existence of people there has always been the aspect of religion. Religious freedom is a principle that upholds the right of an individual in any place and to belong to any religious group.
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Being a leader has to do more with nurturing the rest of people to grow in the areas relating to their spiritual growth. Michael, in his book, ‘leading, teaching and making disciples has described’ the various ways in which this can be achieved. He states that accomplishing this mission requires people to be trained and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.
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Religion and Theology
Religion and Theology. My answer is; research shows that Sufis is not an ethnic or religious group; it is a mystical association that is instituted all over the world of Islam populace (Esposito, Fasching& Lewis, 2012) Sufism rose traditionally as a response against the inflexible legalism of the standard religious governance.
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Religion and Theology
According to the author of the text, some Jews have ceased to practice Judaism entirely, have become non-religious while remaining Jewish culturally (by identity). Reportedly, the Reform is the most probable approach that will likely be present 100 years from now and Reform is futuristic and will attract more Jews.
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Religion and Theology
According to the paper, Religion and Theology,to be a pastoral care worker, one has to be willing to willing to provide emotional and spiritual guidance or counsel and support to people in some form suffering. This is a demanding career, which requires empathy, objectivity and the ability to listen keenly to the people. 
8 pages (2000 words)Essay
Religion and theology
In the contemporary spiritual world, preaching matters since it is an imperative activity in spreading the Gospel in and beyond the church and for the existences and growth of the church. In that sense, Long (2011), Lovell & Richardson (2011) advocate that for the preeminent practice of preaching to be realized in the current world.
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Religion And Theology
Religion plays a huge role in determining the way that people treat other beings that co-exist with them in the society. In the past, slavery was the norm among the white Americans who felt that the black people were inferior to them. However, religion has forced people to make changes into the system and ensure equality among all. Questions still arise as to whether all the beings are the same.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
nature of their problems. What is the ethical dilemma in this case (ie, withholding or withdrawing life support, euthanasia, allocation of scarce resources, etc.). Identify and discuss the dilemma in general (not related to this specific case). As discussed earlier, the ethical dilemma between the right of the patient to make an autonomous decision over her life versus the professional responsibility and commitment of nurses to protect further harm to patient’s life. Though both the Hippocratic Oath and the code of ethics recognize the fundamental rights in healthcare practice, the right of the patient to decide for one’s life is also a right vested for the patient; however, processing it via informed consent is possible to resolve the moral and legal concerns that may arise from this dilemma (Nursing World). The patient in this case and her family should be completely and accurately information in a manner that could let them reasonably weighs the benefits and burdens of patient’s decision, including the potential and available options as alternative remedies (Nursing World, 2013). As such, the possible termination of life support and treatment are done free from undue influence, force, coercion, and penalty (Nursing World). Medical practitioners should ensure that the decision reached, considering the circumstances, be done with family members of the patients or other significant individuals. Step 1: Identify ethical issues (10%)  ? Identify the characteristics of the problem. Describe the problem The problem posed critical ethical dilemma for the patient and for the medical
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Facts of the Case: Mrs. C., an 85-year-old woman with severe emphysema, is found unresponsive by the nursing staff. Since she has no living will or advance directive, an ambulance is called. …
Religion and Theology
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