The Widening Gap between Rich and Poor within Nations - Essay Example

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This essay "The Widening Gap between Rich and Poor within Nations" dwells on the consequences of globalization. According to the text, the Franklin University political science students, ask to redress the issue of the widening gap between developed and developing countries because of Globalization…
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The Widening Gap between Rich and Poor within Nations
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Extract of sample "The Widening Gap between Rich and Poor within Nations"

Actually, the developed countries have exploited the resources of the poor countries for self-interests, conveniently forgetting the objectives of globalization. Thus the gap between poor countries and the developed countries are gradually increasing instead of decreasing. UN intervention is essential in modifying the globalization policies, more suitable to the development of the poor countries.
Even though the exchange of workforce across different countries is taking place smoothly because of globalization, most of the international workers or the workers from the poor countries are facing discriminations in developed countries. We would like to bring your attention in this regard urgently and we strongly believe that you can (UN) interfere effectively in this matter.
Environment problems are increasing day by day and it is not possible for a country to tackle such issues independently. Collective efforts are required for reducing environment pollutions and the UN should play its part effectively in order to save the future generation from a polluted world.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and to think about the matters raised in this letter
Yours sincerely,
Franklin University,
201 S. Grant Avenue Columbus,
Ohio 43215 Read More
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