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Mexican Culture Festival - Essay Example

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British schools do not typically teach much about Mexico and much of the British population has images of stereotypes from films and television of dust covered men wearing sombreros shooting everything in their path or a tequila-induced siesta in the shade of a cactus.
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Mexican Culture Festival
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Download file to see previous pages Mexico is as rich and varied in its culture and dialect as our own country; the Mexican people have retained their ancient dances, songs, sense of humour and tribal connections in spite of having been conquered by the Spanish.
Contrary to the stereotypes, Mexican people are intelligent, industrious and proud, with a strong sense of patriotism. Their flag is sacred, as well as their collective worship of Our Lady Of Guadalupe, the Mother Of Mexico.
What this festival aims to do is bring the core of Mexican values and pride to London by inviting Londoners to experience the real Mexico that thrives in spite of poverty and overpopulation. Even the poorest of the poor know the folkloric dances and worship Lady Guadalupe. We aim to bring that sense of heart to London through a rich and varied exhibition/festival that will include dance, crafts, equestrian arts, food and drink and an opportunity to converse with the performers and vendors.
This event will be international; the introduction of Mexico to London will reflect the possibility of cordial relations between people of England and Mexico. It is our hope that this could be a bi-annual event if it proves popular enough.
International events have a variety of motives behind them but this one carries with it a brightness and fresh liveliness that will bring about the changing of minds about Mexico should old stereotypes persist regarding this now progressive country and its culture.
Whils Whilst our country and Mexico have solid business relations in terms of outsourcing and investments, this event brings a personal touch to both nations on the part of the Mexican people traveling to Britain, on a scale that is unprecedented.
International events often portray a nation through its arts, spirituality or sport. This event will go well beyond those parameters, bringing the colours, textures, flavours and voices of a nation that has been largely ignored by England other than a general knowledge of its existence and interests of investors and industry.
As Mexico transitions from a third-world country to an industrialized nation, it holds much promise in its ability to remind others of core values and ethics lost in our modern societies. Mexico would not do this intentionally, but its influence on its visitors has an impact, leaving visitors with a feeling of having discovered something missing in their own communities.
To attempt to mimic Mexico and its heritage would be absurd, but the good feelings instilled in others by Mexican people in an event such as this serve to lift the spirits and educate the mind and palate, stimulating the senses.
The Event
The festival will be composed of a variety of offerings and will be choreographed to enhance the feelings of friendliness and pride of the Mexican people.
First on the stage will be a Mexican Charro (equestrian). The Charros have a long tradition in Mexico as exceptional horsemen and are highly respected. The tradition of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mexican Culture Festival Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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