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This semester, numerous papers and works were discussed. We have looked into cultures which honed political, mindset, governance with little touch of racism. These things are obviously have something to do with human society and the cultivation of it. Among those discussions and readings that made an impact into my life is the published work of Purnima Mankekar entitled Screening Culture, Viewing Politics: An Ethnography of Television, Womanhood, and Nation in Postcolonial India which tackles formation, birth and revival all in one of culture in the sub-continent of Asia…
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Indian Culture
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Download file to see previous pages In such cases, there things that really made my experience in tackling this book more exciting, that enhanced my interest in tackling the aforementioned subject. Of course there are conflicts and theories that have been formulated not only in dealing with the book but during my studies, I was able to formulated insights and theories that somehow prompted me to look for possible answers for such queries.
After the continuous cycle of the query-and-search phenomenon, I come into a decision that indeed, there are a lot of determinants in order to know formation of culture and how they influence and drive others.
For instance, a theory describes that India, somehow adopt some western culture perhaps in the field of arts as some of the ancient arts in India don't seem to have similarities but also a conflict rose up as some says that most of the Indian arts today do have ancient touch while some insist the uniqueness of the Indian arts.
For i
For instance, let us look into the TV and film industry of India, it is an established fact that I hold a name for it and Indian Films are most of the time pendulum of some juries in different festivals in the world. Indian Films indeed have gone a long way as many of the students and film enthusiast tend to go on this place just to study the aforementioned subject. But going back to the focal point on Ethnography of India, the description of this nation when it comes to art particularly in motion picture is nowhere to be found not until the late 1970's. These are just some of the things that are to be tackled in ethnography particularly about the above mentioned book.
To make things more clearly, let us first delve into the definition of Ethnography. Wikipedia (2006) defined ethnography as " (from the Greek ethnos = nation and graphein = writing) refers to the genre of writing that presents qualitative description of human social phenomena, based on fieldwork. Ethnography presents the results of a holistic research method founded on the idea that a system's properties cannot necessarily be accurately understood independently of each other. The genre has both formal and historical connections to travel writing and colonial office reports. Several academic traditions, in particular the constructivist and relativist paradigms, claim ethnographic research as a valid research method."


This means that definition clearly stated that it has something to do with the social phenomena. In my first example in the Indian films, it was defined that from social aspects of India comes the cultivation of the now-acknowledged Indian Films. In that example, the arguments that were presented were not just simple statements but they were studied by credible individuals before making such conclusions and take note that India and its people are the focal point of this that categorize the .book as ethnography.
In the field of politics, it was stated that India is indeed a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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