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The city is thickly population and is the cultural and political center of the country. The city is nearly 4600 ft above the sea level and located in the Kathmandu valley of…
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Slide slide) Hello and good morning, My is _____ and I will be telling you about Khatmandu today, which is the largest of Nepal. Slide 2
Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, and is by far the most largest municipality of the country. The city is thickly population and is the cultural and political center of the country. The city is nearly 4600 ft above the sea level and located in the Kathmandu valley of central Nepal. Many mountains surround the area, some of which include nagarjun, chandragiri, Phulchoki etc. In older times this area was known as the Nepal Mandala. Due to its importance, Kathmandu is referred to the gate to tourism in this area.
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Considered to be one of the most holy places of Nepal, this stupa has been assigned the status of UNESCO world heritage. Built on an octagonal base, the place is filled with colored flags. The surrounding area of the stupa has various prayer wheels along with a large range of statues, five of which known as the Dhyani Buddhas are of special importance for the Nepal’s Buddhist community.
A total of 50 monasteries surround the location and nearly 15% of the population in this area is Buddhists. Their characteristic living style with maroon clothing and shaven heads can be seen here in abundance.
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The Himalayas mountain span over a length of 1500 miles and contains the most highest mountains of the world. The famous Mount Everest can be approached by a 30 minutes flight to an airport known as Lukla airport.
Upon arrival to this destination, the visitors most of whom are climbers trek to reach the Namche Bazaar, where modern facilites like internet cafes, hiking equipment, food and accommodation is available. Everest base camp is further away.
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It was originally the living space of the royal family of Nepal. It has been centuries since they moved away from this place, but this place still remains a main tourist spot in Kathmandu. Visitors are surprised to see the number of temples that are present in this area, which tell the story of a magnificient past of this area. The hanuman Dhoka and the Taleju Temple which was built by Mahenda Malla are famous tourist attractions in this area.
Other important things to see are Kasthamandap and the Maju Deval.
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