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Child soldiers - Essay Example

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It is hard to imagine for us, but we must face a terrible act in our world. This is a world where children cannot be children anymore, but soldiers in civil wars. In this
paper we will show reports and give information about regions in Africa that suffer. …
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Child soldiers
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Download file to see previous pages It is hard to imagine for us, but we must face a terrible act in our world. This is a world where children cannot be children anymore, but soldiers in civil wars. In this paper we will show reports and give information about regions in Africa that suffer. The problem occurs worldwide. However the topic is Africa, West Africa and the Great Lake Area in Africa tormented for many years with Civil Wars. The affects on the children are huge. Trained as killing machines they have no idea how to be a child anymore. The Organization Child Soldiers is a coalition trying to stop the problem of using children in armed situations. But first we need to understand what the problem is. What is a child soldier? And how does it suffer?Sudan is one of the countries who use child soldiers. The Independent published April 17 2007 a devastating and shocking story about Paul Makwek, age 14, occupation soldier. The article tells us the story of Paul and his friends John and Matthew, all abducted from the Leer Primary School by the age of 12 to fight in the Army. Forced to make a long walk, handcuffed by rope so tight it burned. They were brought to several camps of the Army, forced to fight and having no clue who they where fighting against. All the 3 boy's knew was that children suffered and were the most killed. Actor James Nesbitt, ambassador for Unicef was talking to the three boy's, sitting in a bamboo hut in Leer. Throughout a five day trip he is there. In the article he say's: " Oh my God, what sort of society can allow a breakdown like this to happen."
escape from it. His father made him "volunteer" by the age of 7 and he was forced
to stay for 10 years before he could flee to Kenya. Now he is helping former child
soldiers to integrate back into society. He understands the suffering more then
anyone else. He had to undergo the abuse, the torture, fights, and also to drink his
own urine because the older drank the little water. We can hardly imagine the life
of an abducted child in a Army. However not only boys in Sudan are abducted.
Girls also undergo the same horror and torture. The only difference they have is
to marry older officers and give them children.
Sudan and the cause that led to Child Soldiers
The cause in Sudan can be found after the fall of Mengista in Ethiopia in
1991, where the SPLA was training. The recruitment of child soldiers increased
beyond our imagination. Today there still is no official count on the children who
loose their life. However the figure in the families is that 1 out of 6 are killed!
SPLA is the first Army that has announced in 2000 to release their under aged
soldiers. The Independent states: " Yet repatriation and rehabilitation has been a
laboriously slow, and often haphazard, affair. Children who return to school often
14089 3
find themselves isolated and sitting in classrooms with children much younger
than themselves. They're forgotten how to read and write, or even how to speak
Arabic." To be specific in short, the children have forgotten to be children. For the
former girl soldiers you read " For the former girl soldiers, any hope of a
"normal" life is problematic. After their time in the army, they are often
seen as unfeminine and aggressive, making them poor prospects as wives.
Not only have they been raped ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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