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Working with Mentally Retarded - Essay Example

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In the paper “Working with Mentally Retarded” the author describes experience of working with disabled and mentally retarded people. This was a very fulfilling experience in his life and un-doubtfully he would never forget this period from his life…
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Working with Mentally Retarded
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Extract of sample "Working with Mentally Retarded"

Download file to see previous pages Another concern of such disabled and mentally retarded adults and children is that they should be treated as a normal person. Thus, these disabled and mentally retarded should not be considered as “absurd” or “special”, rather they should be treated just like any other person in their place. The biggest benefit of such an effort is that these people try to keep up their learning pace with those of normal people with them, which lets them compete effectively. Similarly, such mentally retarded children and adults should be encouraged to work (physically) just like a normal person. Although  they should be given instructions in the same was as a normal person, but if they find difficulty in analyzing or comprehending such instructions so these instructions should be elaborated and explained in a slow but polite manner. This method of instruction would give the impression to these people that they are equitant both mentally and physically to any other person.These mentally retarded children and adults have a very little experience of dealing with different types of people. Thus, they expect every person talking to them is very honest and is providing information very honestly. This is a very difficult concept to eliminate and to teach these kinds of people that they have to face the wrath of the real world real soon. Thus, these kinds of people have to be told about how people cheat mentally retarded children and adults, and the various ways in which such quacks can be avoided.
Mentally retarded people have and I.Q. level which lies below seventy points. The average I.Q. is about one hundred. Any person having an I.Q. level above one hundred and thirty can be considered a very intelligent (or a genius) person. Mentally retarded children and adults have difficulty in learning information. I would discuss some of the cases I had came across during my half a decade of welfare work with mentally retarded children and adults.
A child with autism (XYZ) was taught by his parents to dress properly. He learned to iron his cloths and to wear cloths which matched the weather and mood. He used to come well dressed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Working With Mentally Retarded Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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