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Geo-political issues - Essay Example

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None would argue that the word Africa associates with poverty, famine, high death rate and prolonged civil wars in different parts of this continent. The colonial legacy of Africa is one of the main social and political breaks of the majority of African countries…
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Geo-political issues
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"Geo-political issues"

Download file to see previous pages Multi ethnic population of the continent, which is represented by different tribes with different culture and religious values, had nearly no experience of living in the politically organized society with vivid social and political hierarchy, Europeans of course didn't promote these values during the centuries of colonial expansion. The number of illiterate population in Africa is one of the highest on the planet and it affected future instability, as those people had no idea of how they should manage their political freedoms and independence. Right after African liberation, new independent states became among the central issues in spheres of influence of two super powers the USA with NATO and the USSR. Both superpowers had definite interests: British and American oil and mining companies wanted to get unlimited concessions, establishing puppet governments and the USSR wanted to make a bridge head for the future expansion of socialist ideas and perfect material basis on one of the biggest and unexplored continents. Tactics of these two sides was pretty much the same as they both speculated on uneasy nature of mutual relations between different tribes as the majority of African countries are multi-ethnic with a history of prolonged conflicts:
"In terms of mineral, Africa has 97% of world reserves o...
Understandably mineral resources attract international mining and trade corporations at the same rate as Africa's treasures attracted European colonists. The main problem with developing traditional business and trade relations with African countries was postcolonial legacy and hatred towards Europeans, which was caused by years of exploitation. Europeans were regarded as colonists and invaders, who exploited local population offering nothing for natives. Native inhabitants of Africa never received fair medical treatment or got at least basic education; it's enough to tell that the number of physicians is dozens times less than in the first world countries. Understandably, new governments didn't want to continue interaction with western world on colonial conditions, which existed for centuries of colonization. Political instability, civil wars and genocide in different parts of the continent contributed to the stamp of "outdated" which is often associated with Africa. In many respects with such a number of unexplored forest and mineral resources most of African countries could repeat successful destiny of China, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries of South-Eastern Asia which are well known for quick economical and industrial development. But the main differentiating factor from those states is disorientation and lack of political unity inmost of African countries, as a result the economical growth and rate of investments into Africa remains extremely low if compared to the investments in related industries in other regions of the world:
"consequently Africa, with all its population, has barely 3% of world income and its share of world trade is under 5%."."(from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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