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Are The Media The Terrorists Best Friends - Essay Example

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The essay "The Media The Terrorists Best Friendse" describes when historian Walter Leker argued that the media are the best friends of terrorists, it seems there was a serious criticism that befell industry, as criticism made a wonderful moment for both supporters and medical doctors…
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Are The Media The Terrorists Best Friends
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Are The Media The Terrorists Best Friends

Download file to see previous pages... It is very obvious and factual that media have been all along with the society, surrounding every bit of the daily lives of people. Everyday, people read books, newspapers and magazines, listen to radio, watch television, and now, browse the internet. With media, the global society was able to communicate and interact even though kilometers and miles of land and seas separate them. It is primarily important in governments and lawmakers because of its ability in conveying messages and information ("The Media's Role in Society").
Dissemination of information is the main purpose of the media ("The Media's Role in Society"). Continuous flow of information is vital in the development of various communities. Without information, people would not be updated of the things and events that were occurring around them. In such incident, views and opinions would be narrowed and restricted since there is no information to think of. Development depends on people and if the people do not have any idea on how to make their community competitive because of the lack of information, progress would never take place.
Relative with being a means in order for information to flow, media is also analysts of information, especially the journalists ("The Media's Role in Society"). Similar with other researchers, journalists do not write reports based on hear says and details that are just on the surface of an issue. Aside from providing facts, figures and statistics, media men put their best effort to make the mentioned facts to be easily understood by ordinary people. In order to do this, journalists need to research and commonly provide other relevant information that would make the issues clearer for average readers, which will enable them to develop their own...
Development has been aggressive in the contemporary society. The information delivery that has started from prints turned to commentaries on the airwaves which later on develop into audio-visual representations that have further transformed to a more highly mechanized electronic medium. The media coverage that has been blamed to be an unconscious agent of terrorism was in fact, already an older version of mass-mediated terrorism. Since the advent of the new technology, including the emergence of the internet, terrorism has found another easier and faster means of spreading the fright to people. In a review by Cheong, it was identified how the internet poses potential risks in the safety of the society. With a simple knowledge on programming and intention of being a terrorist, one can already be a terrorist even without the physical participation of taking up arms and joining the group in hiding to various places. However, in both of the two reviewed papers, the people involved have asserted the significant role of the internet in their plans of terrorism. On the other hand, IC for the Study of Radicalization and PV has viewed that this internet terrorism is far way less dangerous than the ones physically done in public areas. These arguing point of views were significant to be settled since the result is important in the formation of policy for the benefit of the society. As of now, the policies of the United States were concentrated towards the Al Qaeda terrorist group and its affiliated networks and supporters. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The FBI defines eco-terrorism "as the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally oriented, sub national group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature" (FoxNews.com par 4).
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