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This assignment analyses an incident that impact the practice of this writer in a great way. In this assignment, the background of this incident, implications, analyses, and relevance to the practice as a radiographer in the NHS will be dealt with. The practice of a radiographer in the National Health Service has many issues and problems; however, the incident which is going to be described and analyzed, in this author's opinion will have many significant implications and possible changes in the current radiography practice framework used in the NHS.
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Critical Incident
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Download file to see previous pages This is an ambitious plan which is built up on the premise that it would be able to create an environment where it would be possible to share information across a national network that would be secure, fast, and designed to support efficient and quality clinical care delivery. This system is designed to replace local NHS computer systems with more modern integrated systems. The key elements of the medical record will be available throughout the NHS. Each NHS care record will be formed from information held in a number of regions, which would automatically be brought together when accessed by authorized persons. The confidentiality issues would be ensured strictly, and professionals will have different views of the record based on their roles in patient care. That which is relevant to radiography is apart from important demographic data, electronic prescriptions, and emails; it will use PACS to archive radiographic images. This would facilitate communication between different professionals involved in the care of a patient including the radiologists. It has already been observed that the diagnostic waiting time has been reduced dramatically by the availability of this new IT system, since it uses PACS replacing the file-based x-rays with digital imaging which is immediately and remotely available at any time of the day or night. The reduction in waiting time has been really dramatic in the sense that the time needed for diagnosis has been reduced from six days to few hours. There is indication that there is efficiency saving from release of storage space, film, chemicals, and stationery. On an annual basis, the savings in an NHS trust is in the range of 296,000. The main significance, however, lies somewhere else. As has been mentioned effective patient-centred quality radiology care needs information to be disseminated, particularly in radiologic practice. Moreover, the clinical information in greater detail can be accessed by the radiologists. The central summary record can be updated, and the in-built communication system can be utilized to collaborate between the professionals (Department of Health, 2007).
PEST Analyses
To examine whether these changes are actually suitable for the practice of radiography, it is important to undertake a PEST analysis where the political, economic, social, and technological issues related to this change would really benefit the profession of radiology and people as it has been declared in its description. It is, however, accepted that a programme of such magnitude across the nation must have some problems in implementation, but a PEST analysis would be able to demonstrate the rationale of such a programme. In this author's view this is a positive incident in that it would facilitate resolution of many problems that the profession of Radiology and Radiography is currently going through.
It is very evident that these changes have been implemented and will be implemented by political decisions and legislations. The very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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