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What can we reconstruct about German culture - Essay Example

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The Federal Republic of Germany is a Central European country and a member of the European Union. The Federal Republic is one of the world's leading industrialized countries and biggest market economy in Europe with windows to the East and West. …
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What can we reconstruct about German culture
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What can we reconstruct about German culture

Download file to see previous pages... The Federal Republic of Germany is a Central European country and a member of the European Union. The Federal Republic is one of the world's leading industrialized countries and biggest market economy in Europe with windows to the East and West. Since reunification in 1990 Germany has further extended its responsibilities and central position in European and global affairs. Since 1951, Germany has been at the heart of European Integration and after German reunification in 1990 further promoted peaceful integration with its neighbours. Strong ties with the United States remain central to German foreign policy. This country with a strong economic position in the world today does not have a complete written history in the very early times. Jotting from here and there following are some important historical facts about this strong European country of today.Caesar's familiarity of the Germans can never be claimed to be thorough. At no time did he get far into Germany, and the people whose ways of life he had an opportunity to observe were only those who were pressing down upon, and rarely across, the Rhine boundary. We may be sure that many of the more distant German tribes lived with quite a different fashion from which Caesar had an opportunity to observe on the Rhine-Danube frontier. Still, Caesar's description, brief as it may be has an importance in Germany's written history as these early Germans had no written literature (Fredrick, 1908).

According to Julius Caesar, the following aspects of German civilization in the medieval era are of wide importance that stated that the Germans differed extensively from those of the Gauls; neither had they Druids to preside over religious services, nor did they give much attention to sacrifices. The number of their gods who could be seen, and by whose favors they were clearly aided were the Sun, Vulcan, and the Moon. Their lives were spent in hunting and in war. From childhood they were trained in labor and hardship.

Furthermore, they were not loyal to agriculture, and the greater portion of their food consisted of milk, cheese, and flesh. No one owned a particular piece of land. Each year they would magistrate as per their head's orders who gave many reasons for this practice, that the people may not lose their zeal for war through ways of life established by prolonged attention to the cultivation of the soil; that they may not be eager to obtain large properties, and that the stronger may not drive the weaker from their belongings; that they may not build too carefully, in order to keep away from cold and heat; that the love of money may not spring up, from which arose quarrels and dissensions; and, finally, that the common people may live in contentment, since each person saw that his wealth was kept equal to that of the most powerful (Fredrick, 1908).

Many researchers have regarded it as the best proof of their bravery that their neighbors were forced to withdraw from the lands and hardly any one dared set a foot there; at the same time they thought that they would thus be more secure, since the fear of an abrupt attack was removed. When a tribe was either repelling a raid or attacking an outside force, magistrates were chosen to lead the war, and they were given the power of life and death. In times of peace there was no general magistrate, but the chiefs of the districts and cantons provided justice among their own people and settled rifts.

On this criterion, robbery, if committed beyond the borders of the tribe, was not regarded as disgraceful, and they said that it was practiced for the sake of training the youth and preventing idleness. When any one of the chiefs declared in an assembly that he was going to be the leader of an expedition, and that those who wished to follow him should give in their names, they who approved of the undertaking, and of the man, would stand up and promise their assistance, and were applauded by the people. The ones who didn't follow him were looked upon as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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