Case Study 7.2: Computerized Record Keeping Computerized Record Keeping: Agency Efficiency v. Confidentiality of Records and Cli - Essay Example

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Confidential information can be processed and stored manually in the organization. In as far as there is no third party who can access confidential information especially about patients with mental healthcare problems, it can be seen that this method is secure…
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Case Study 7.2: Computerized Record Keeping Computerized Record Keeping: Agency Efficiency v. Confidentiality of Records and Cli
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Download file to see previous pages As such, this paper seeks to critically discuss the reasons why it is important for the mental healthcare center outlined in the above case study to adopt computerisation in its operations. Indeed, the Agency Chief Executive Officer should demonstrate that the agency is both efficient and effective and this can be done through adoption of a computer based system. In order to increase both efficiency and effectiveness of the agency, the quality assurance director wishes to utilize a computer system to manage client data, which would be available through three computer terminals. It has been observed that computerisation is likely to increase both the quality and quantity of services provided and this system can maximise the numbers of clients that are served at any given point compared to the manual system that is currently in use. Whilst it may be argued that computerisation can compromise the aspect of privacy as well as confidentiality of information, it can be noted that to a larger extent, there are likely benefits to be drawn from adopting a computer based system in processing and storing information compared to the manual way of performing the same task. ...
the century, scientific management studies have sought to implement change that is based on time and motion studies meant to increase efficiency in the operations of the organization (Robbins, 2003). Today, the most notable technological change in the operations of many organizations has been the expansion of computerisation (Robbins, 2003). Computerisation enables the organization to use sophisticated management information systems that make it easy to process as well as to store client information in the company database. One major advantage of computerisation in the organization is that it enhances information processing. This in turn improves efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the company (Robson, 1997). Manual processing of information is time consuming since it involves physical checking of information stored on each hard file. The information that is stored on hard files is not secure since these can be destroyed by physical or natural forces such as bad weather elements like moist if they are stored in a place that is not secure. Hard files can also be destroyed by fire. In contrast, information that is stored on a computer database easy to process. This information can be digitally processed and stored. It is quite simple and fast to search for any information about a client from the computer database by virtue of just clicking the link. Information is stored in alphabetical order is quite easy to locate. It is relatively faster to search for information and to process it using the computer compared to manual way of performing the same task. The other advantage is that information that is stored on the computer database is secure and it uses little storage capacity compared to large volumes of hard files that are often piled on the shelves in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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