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Introduction to Sociology Paper Due 12/11 at the beginning of class For this assignment, you will complete a 4+ page paper that - Essay Example

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Titanic: the associated sociological concepts Summary The 1997 film Titanic, produced and directed by James Cameron is a fictionalized representation of the sinking of RMS Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 14, 1912. It is a story about two individuals coming from different social classes falling in love with each other, only to be separated by death when the ship sank after hitting an iceberg…
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Introduction to Sociology Paper Due 12/11 at the beginning of class For this assignment, you will complete a 4+ page paper that
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Introduction to Sociology Paper Due 12/11 at the beginning of class For this assignment, you will complete a 4+ page paper that

Download file to see previous pages... In 1912, a first class passenger named Rose Dewitt Bukater boards the ship along with her mother Ruth and fiance Carl Hockley. Their engagement was an arrangement of a sort by Ruth to solve the financial problems of her family. Upset with the engagement, and also feeling suffocated by the constraints of belonging to a high class society, Rose attempts to commit suicide. However, another passenger from third class, Jack Dawson who was a penniless artist manages to save her. In return of saving her life, Carl at first offers Jack some money at which Rose asks whether her life has so little value. Carl then invites Jack to a dinner in the first class dining salon. Soon, Jack and Rose develop a friendship, and after the dinner the couple enjoys a party in the third class. Initially, Rose resists his advances as she was afraid to go against Ruth and Carl. However, she gradually realizes her growing feelings for Jack. She takes him to her stateroom to display the necklace gifted by Carl, and on her request he paints a nude picture of her wearing the necklace. Later on, they witness the ship hitting an iceberg. Meanwhile, Carl finds the photograph along with a mock note written by Rose. He entraps Jack by declaring him as a thief and has him arrested. Jack is taken to the Master-at-arms’ office, and handcuffed to a pipe. While the ship started to sink, Rose saved Jack and soon after on request by Jack and Carl boarded a lifeboat. However, she gets back on board unwilling to leave Jack. As they escape into the first class dining salon, Carl chases them with a pistol but soon loses them just before realizing that he has given his coat to Rose, and the necklace was in the coat’s pocket. As the ship tears in half, Jack and Rose find themselves stranded in the stern with other passengers, as all the lifeboats have already departed. Eventually, when the entire ship sinks, Jack helps her climb on a wooden panel which could remain floated with only one person. Jack remains in the water holding the edge of the panel and assures her that she will die an old woman on a warm bed. Finally, he died of hyperthermia, and Rose gets saved. As she and the other survivors are dispatched to New York on RMS Carpathia, she gives her name as Rose Dawson. In the penultimate scene of the movie, Rose takes the Heart of the Ocean which she had with her all these years, and drops it in the sea just above where the Titanic has sank (Titanic, 1997). Sociological concepts Social class The movie depicted the divisions that existed between people from varied social classes during the early twentieth century. There were separate areas on the ship to accommodate different classes of people, and each area had amenities and facilities according to the class of people. However, the most brutal form of class division was portrayed in the second half of the movie when the ship was struck with disaster. Social class became a determining factor for the rate of survival. Although there were other reasons that contributed towards the low number of survivors like not enough lifeboats available on the ship, it was nevertheless a fact that lower class passengers were not allowed to go abroad the available lifeboats. The top priority was to save passengers from first and second class. From the film, it can be observed that there were two primary reasons for social class ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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