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Gender Oppression Glossary - Essay Example

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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Gender Oppression Glossary Marxist Feminism Marxist feminism can be explored based on two concepts namely Marxism and feminism. The former focuses on the class issues while the latter stresses the gender issues. Though combining the two concepts is somehow problematic, it can still be defined as the theory of gender and class that are needed to be studied and analyzed…
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Gender Oppression Glossary
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"Gender Oppression Glossary"

Download file to see previous pages With that limit, gender is talked about in a structural manner wherein the segregation of roles with paid employment is the side effect of the capitalist activities. Within the context of a family, the concept tends to explain and dig into the differences in gender roles in terms of domestic labour through materialist perspective. With that, the housework is part of the study and not just the employment. Despite of that, it failed short to create new analysis and relied solely on the established Marxist concepts. Within the bounds of employment, married women were considered to be reserved for labour when insufficient men were present to do the job to maintain the low wage rates. Being part of the reserve, married women are allowed to work and earn on their own to provide for her and her family without depending much on the wage of her husband. Despite of that, post World War II showed how married women still had low levels of income in the job market compared to men that showed discrimination. The high turnover rates were not enough as married women could not match the demand for men workers as the former were not that of much use as the men do (Bottomore 215). It showed how women still need to make efforts to gain equality in the society and they could use the Marxist feminism as a tool for understanding their situation. Patriarchy Patriarchy pertains to the society that stayed true to traditions as proven by history and following the legacy created for thousands of years. It must not be mistaken for a term pertaining directly to men but it could be related to men. It is a form of formal group of people with a social structure that heavily lean on men to run the system. Although many problems arise from that form of society, it is still prevalent. In that society, there are three factors that pertain to men: domination, identification and centeredness. It involves control and in the process females are oppressed or discriminated. In that form, domination of men occur in the form of authority in academic, military, legal, political any many more fields. Every top spots is usually reserve for males even the family structure. People usually think traditionally as women who worked themselves toward those positions were subjected to criticisms and exception to the rule topic. They wander how those females can cope up with the abilities of males. Sometimes men who worked the tasks of females were considered to be weak and effeminate. Patriarchal society is also identification of males as the generalization of being men are attributed to being positive, desirable and normal as they link those with masculinity. A good example is the dominating rule in linguistics wherein the pronouns for men and nouns were used to represent the people as a whole. For example, people pertain men to represent human beings while the pronoun he for a doctor. Those create the barriers between men and women and give credit too much to the males. Lastly, centeredness on men happen in that form of society as their activities and decisions are the most important. The media front many stories about men and their opinions. In few occasions, women were included but are portrayed as assistants or love interests of men as those males pursue their heroic adventure (Allan 6-10). This show how the traditional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gender Oppression Glossary
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