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How Media Reproduces Gender Identity Norms - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that the aspect of media censure is a true picture of the gender inequality in society. This features through print, television, music, and advertisements. In U.S, men and women get influenced by the media and this signifies the reinforcing and oppression of women as well as men who do not fall under the concept of heteronormative grouping. …
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How Media Reproduces Gender Identity Norms
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Download file to see previous pages The biggest challenge is on what happens to the children who grow naively in such a society. Instead of embracing and reinforcing their gender roles affirmatively, they found already socially constructed norms by the media within the society, which they ought to fit into in order to fall into the prescribed class. At a time when children grow to the age of two to three years of age, many assume the sense of themselves as male or female. This is a gender identity, which ought to grow intrinsically inside these kids throughout their life span. However, what happens, many of these children, the age slightly that, they develop an awareness of the social stereotypes there in a society (Ross, 2012). Most of these children never get a chance to grow naturally in the socialization theory that allows a straightforward account on how one can acquire the normal gendered identities. The media take advantage of infants, as being blank slates and write down the overtly what the society expects of them in order to fit as a woman or as a man. The media has turned itself into the modern Panopticon, where it acts as the omnipresent watch of the gender social construction (Durham & Kellner, 2005). This is a worrying trend since its effects are devastating, especially to infants. There is also the aspect of consumption and gender identity in the popular media. There are overwhelming discourses of domesticity, sexuality, and authenticity in reference to gender identity and norms. The contemporary argument and representation of masculinity and femininity in the two HBO television series, Entourage and Sex in the City give a clear picture of how media intersects gender and consumption (Ross, 2012). Analysts of these series once pointed out that the...
This paper stresses that media reconstruction of feminine gender and their social challenges and problems is that they are victims and objects. They never present a positive image, even when women have ganged up in movements to agitate for their rights and awareness of their socially benefitting norms. Media rather would focus on individual social problems faced by women like rape, domestic violence, and neglecting. However, many scholars have come out to challenge these media hegemonies and asymmetries of power in their critical cultural studies. These messages cripple the innate nature of a girl child as mostly they depict themselves as vulnerable, not able to be in a particular place or a job, and thus succumb to their fate in fear of being victims. Media thus would have reproduced a different section of gender identity and norm contrary to what and how such a girl child would have grown to become.
This report makes a conclusion that in the current era, with the world already wired, the information environment is expanding from radio, television, computers, print media, and so many others. As much as they play a crucial role in disseminating information in the society, by informing, educating, warning, and encouraging, the media have largely changed the way the traditional gender identity norms operated. This has consequently, changed even the perception of our gender roles as the media surveillance is deconstructing everything norm that tradition ascribed as the measure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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