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Analysis of Articles about the Poverty Issue - Article Example

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The author of the paper analyses such articles as "Poverty, Government and Social Class", "Tips and Poverty", "Social Protection and Poverty" and  "Local Government Action is Vital to Reduce Poverty in Europe". The author gives a summary of these articles and identifies their importance…
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Analysis of Articles about the Poverty Issue
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Articles about the Poverty Issue"

Download file to see previous pages On November 6th, the bureau established and published data based on supplementary poverty measure which is useful in the development of plans and engaging non-governmental organizations. Importance The article is beneficial because it offers official poverty data as released by the government, which includes the approach of the government in addressing the issues associated with poverty eradication and analysis. The article covers the basic issues of governance in relation to the success of programs and poverty levels in the society. In fact, the whole article deals with the evaluation of the various levels and rates of poverty in history and the role of economic development in shaping the behavior of the citizens. Poverty index and rates is a measure of the welfare of the citizens and involves coming up with new programs with an aim of improving the welfare. The article is vital because it shapes understanding of poverty in the society as a product of economic forces, which can be controlled by the state. Good governance is an integral issue in welfare improvement. Name: The Editorial Board Title: Tips and Poverty Date: September 14, 2013 Source: New York Times Summary The connection between tips and poverty in relation to high end restaurants is discussed in the article. According to the editorial board, high end restaurants should be scraped off and be replaced by service charging restaurants which do not offer a chance for tips. The tipping behavior in the restaurants has affected the waitress and waiters. It has led to increase in poverty among the waiters, and the case presented by the editorial board illustrates the need for change. The failure to develop the necessary structures within the restaurant will lead to the development of tipping process. The giving of tips and development of the tipped wage has affected the economic welfare of the citizens. The increase in the minimum wage was a product of the ever-increasing economic restrains. The raising of the minimum wage is vital because it helps in the development of the necessary standard of living. The raising of the standards of living is the focus if the governments. Importance The article is vital because it addresses several issues in relation to poverty. However, the main area of focus is the tipping service and the development of the minimum wage as presented in the society. Tipping was a common practice which affected the nature of the wealth distribution. The article addresses the various issues associated with tipping making it essential in the study of poverty and social policy. In fact, it covers the posh restaurant and the tipping service practiced by high level or five star restaurants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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