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Why is it that some children physically and mentally abuse their parents Most especially their mothers - Essay Example

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Most especially their mothers Research related child and parental abuse often concentrate on parents abusing their children, but limited research highlights on children abusing their parents. However, in society today, it is possible to identify occurrences where children physically and mentally abuse their parents…
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Why is it that some children physically and mentally abuse their parents Most especially their mothers
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Extract of sample "Why is it that some children physically and mentally abuse their parents Most especially their mothers"

Download file to see previous pages However, in society today, it is possible to identify occurrences where children physically and mentally abuse their parents. A number of factors can be identified related to the reasons why children abuse their parents both physically and mentally. Documented research need to not only highlight on the abuse children face from their parents, but also how children physically and mentally abuse their children. Since mothers are considered to form a considerable attachment to their children compared to a fraternal relationship between a father and a child. Because of children relating more to the mothers compared to a fraternal relationship, it is possible that they will exploit the maternal link to their advantage (Reeves 18-20). Further, in such a relationship, children may manipulate their mothers mentally or even abuse them physically. In essence, scholars need to explore the relationship between mothers and their children and whether there exists a possibility of either children abusing their mothers mentally or physically (Ferris 671). In documented studies highlighting on how children abuse their parents physically or mentally and in particular mothers, Hong explains that the behavior is most common among teenage children (447). The abuse inflicted on parents in most instances result in family breakdown, depression and to extent, job loss. The mental or physical abuse perpetrated by such teen often manifest itself in a number of ways that include issuing threats or physical violence that include punching, hair pulling or using other weapons to harm a parent. Further, such children engage in name-calling and disobedience towards the parents that may appear in the form of refusing to participate in family activities or trying to be their own masters in their parent’s home. In terms of abusing their parents mentally, such children often engage in antisocial behaviors such as stealing from home or misuse their parent’s money after stealing their parent’s belongings such as phones or credit cards. On the other hand, other children may engage in blackmailing their parents emotionally and this often occurs when children realize their parent’s weaknesses. However, most parents experiencing such abuse often assume their children’s behavior as being “teenage behavior” that will come to pass (Beck 83). While parents continue to hope that their abusive children will change with time, they continue to expose themselves to both mental and physical harm. As a result, parents abused by children continue to suffer a loss of confidence as normal parents (Beck 81). This is a danger to the child who feels in total control of his or her parents since, such a child may end up as a social misfit in future life. It is possible that children often abuse their parents as a means of displacing their anger or trying to manage their psychological disturbances. There is no clear statistics to indicate the number of teenagers displacing anger towards parents, but such incidents are possible in society today (Freisthler 998). In society today, liberalism has created an environment where, even children are aware of their rights, and this prevents their parents from exercising a full control of their children. Traditionally, parents are supposed to take measures that check or control their children’s unbecoming behavior, however; society today has created laws that makes it almost impossible to control a child from a parent’s own perspective. In society today, there are more laws enacted to protect children, but no any identified law that protect parents from their abusive children (McElmurray 18 ). Further, social services are often not interested in cases involving parents being abused by their children, unless they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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