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Answering question after reading 'The spirit that catches you and your fall down' - Essay Example

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The Spirit That Catches You and Your Fall Down Date 1. Hmong refugees highly regarded and valued their culture and traditions that they believed was superior to the American civilized culture. Nevertheless, most of the traditions negated the American culture and were morally unacceptable by the American agencies…
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Answering question after reading The spirit that catches you and your fall down
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Download file to see previous pages She claimed that there was freedom back in Laos as compared to America. In was evident that the need to be taken serious and be heard was the predicament for the Hmong’s. They believed that the American medical system broke their Hmong medical and cultural beliefs. It is undeniable that Lees who sturdily held that Hmong’s medicines was better complained that the American doctors did not give them opportunity to remedy to their own daughter. Moreover being that Lia was taken from her parents care, was disappointing to the couple who loved their daughter so much and believed in administering their own beliefs and traditions in dealing with their daughter’s condition. The disagreement and clash of the American and the Hmong culture was not that easy to prevent because they were absolutely two different and opposite cultures. Fadiman believes that at least a common language and traditions could have solved the problem of cultural clash (Fediman, 1997). 2. Indeed, at some point, the Hmong were differently ethical in that they believed in their deities and culture as the only remedy to their challenges. After interviewing the Lees, she realizes that the y had a different culture compared to the American one. Hmong were convinced that their traditions were the best unlike the American medical system that they believed that denied them their rights (Fediman, 1997). Because they had not learnt about the modern and civilized medical system, it may be unfair to judge them indifferently. Actually, every action they took they deemed right and appropriate as per their traditions. For instance, it was ethical for a woman to take protections to avoid childbirth difficulties such as focussing on food cravings amongst pregnant women to ensure the baby’s health. However, ignorance cannot be regarded as an excuse in this situation because their traditions, which they strongly believed in, brought more risk than good especially to their health. Thinking that a disease is just a simple spiritual hitch or a spiritually instigated condition is intolerable and the Hmong needed to understand the need of seeking medical attention without any prior belief. This would encourage the doctors to exercise their medical duties and diagnose the cause of the diseases at early stage hence easement of treatment process (Fediman, 1997). Disbelief in a doctor is a crisis and may even make someone not to relay important information to the doctor thus hindering proper and efficient treatment of the patient. Following medical practitioners instruction remains integral but failure to adhere to the instructions may lead to a very dangerous situations such as death. Administering medicine and other drugs as was done by the Hmong people is totally unacceptable and unethical. In fact, there was nothing ethical about the Hmong’s beliefs especially towards healthcare procedures.  3. Foua lost her free spirit as well as an opportunity to do what she wanted to do because of the many limitations in America. Culture in America is very much different from the Hmong culture including the language barrier that restricts them from freely interacting with the Americans. The Hmong culture was objectionable the contemporary American society. The traditions included so many things including belief in shaman who was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Answering Question After Reading 'The Spirit That Catches You and Your Essay.
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