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The attitude of Americans towards immigrants - Essay Example

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This essay dwells on the problem of the Americans' attitude towards immigrants. It is a well-known fact that Americans are usually considered to be very friendly and nice people, who always smile and radiate happiness and positive mood. …
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The attitude of Americans towards immigrants
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Extract of sample "The attitude of Americans towards immigrants"

Download file to see previous pages First group or category that can be singled out refers to Americans, ho are interested in learning about other cultures and national peculiarities of other nations. This group has its own peculiarities. Certainly, they are very open and one can easily find a common language with them, even if he/she is from a country. Moreover, foreigners are very interesting for such Americans as they are the representatives of another culture, which differs from their own. It is not a secret that this category of Americans, by all means, try to absorb a huge amount of information about the foreigners’ motherland and their culture. They are more interested in it that foreigners themselves. The representatives of this group will readily propose you to visit their homes that will help you learn a lot about the local culture and traditions. Certainly one has to be polite with them. It happens that people can say some ridiculous things due to their personal views or due to the lack of knowledge. Of course, such mishaps should be ignored, because in most cases they are rather coincidences than patterns.
The second group of Americans that can be defined, refers to people, who are indifferent to those who come from other states. People of this category are also very polite and full of sympathy in case if one asks them for something. Such people are not interested in others cultures, they are sure that one should behave as Americans do. In order to have good relations with this category, you have to know much about local culture and traditions.
The second group of Americans that can be defined, refers to people, who are indifferent to those who come from other states. People of this category are also very polite and full of sympathy in case if one asks them for something. Such people are not interested in others cultures, they are sure that one should behave as Americans do. In order to have good relations with this category you have to know much about local culture and traditions. Moreover, you have to follow all the traditions and local rules. Such type of Americans can be met for sure in school clubs, volunteering activities, at work. It is essential to understand that they may not demonstrate or feel special interest in other country and its traditions (Lee, 2012). There is one more group of Americans that can be defined in terms of their attitude to foreigners. Unfortunately, these people are rather aggressive towards international visitors including those, who come to study. There are not many people with such attitude, but they still exist. Thus, those, who decide to go to America, should to be ready to meet them. They can try to hide their negative attitude, but very often they simply fail. Some of them can easily and openly demonstrate their hate, so in order to be safe one should avoid them. It is useless to start arguing, as these people will always try to humiliate a person who came from another country and it is simply impossible to prove anything. However, such group of people should not spoil the attitude to and the opinion about Americans. It is a fact that wherever you go, people are different and if you do not want to meet bad people, you should just stay at home. The communication with such people can be very useful and bring much experience. To sum up, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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