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Chinese Immigrants in the United States - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date Research Paper First Draft Chinese Immigrants in the United States I. Introduction 1) Hook Similar to other races flooding into the United States each year in the quest of realizing their individual goals, the Chinese, irrespective of language barrier, relentlessly make their way to America…
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Chinese Immigrants in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages 2) Thesis This research, besides offering advices to the immigrants, seeks to highlight diverse experiences, which Chinese immigrants encounter once they find themselves in American soil, where everything is utterly contrary to their homeland settings. II. Body 1) American Dream versus Reality In their book, Chin and Duck relay challenging experiences, which Chinese encounter once they reach America in pursuit of American Dream. These encompass cultural conflicts and language barrier as they try to fit in the American societal fabric. Hence, prompt many of them settle for low jobs that give them meager earnings, despite known to be hard working. Most of them end up suffering as they can only settle for low jobs offered by their few established Chinese, who are also not well up in managing to pay them salaries similar to other American established Corporations. This is because of fierce competition evident in America, tough, according to Chinese, is a synonym of “dreamland” whereby by being optimistic, they will be successful but end up suffering more contrary to their expectations (Gelatt 39). Majority of Chinese immigrants’ core intention of going to to America is to pursue their respective dreams though what they hold in their mind turns out to be illusions (“US Fed News Service”). This is evident in the recent released Chinese documentary concerning the first ever student from China to have studied in America that have inspired many to embrace the same trend. However, this documentary similar to numerous accounts relayed about non-natives realizing their dreams in American soil does not explicitly expound what most of them undergo. Hence, end up fantasizing the state of US as a better place than any other place a Chinese could thing of leave alone heaven. This is a misguided perception and conviction, which numerous accounts of successful minority of Chinese relay without exactly revealing disheartening challenges in America, which they face. Therefore, many Chinese each each year flock America deeming they will attain what they aspire but in reality turn out to be impossible due to evident and inescapable challenges of cultural gap especially Chinese’s mentality of collectivistic dream compared to American individualistic perception. 2) Chinese Americans versus Chinese Immigrants There is also an aspect of cultural gap between the Chinese Americans and those incoming immigrants seeking ways to thrive in a foreign land. The former based on Tan’s study have already integrated in American society evident from the way they have embraced other styles, which are contrary to their cultures. Therefore, compared to their new incoming immigrants they have mastered their environment well whereby its challenges are not that weighty. In many cases, this determines their attitudes contrary to the new immigrants who in most cases end up being unsuccessful as numerous races and media deem (Gelatt 40). This is because those in America tend to compare themselves with natives whom they have found in the foreign land instead of China in their quest to thrive despite taking low paid jobs. 3) Children of the Immigrants Compared to other children’s races, studies focusing on Chinese families’ economic bases cite of heightening rate of child poverty especially among the new immigrants. Hence, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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