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Women are suffering dominance and inferior treatment - Essay Example

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Women are suffering dominance and inferior treatment at the hands of men from ages. Even after proving that they are equal to men in every area of live, women still suffer from unequal treatment. …
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Women are suffering dominance and inferior treatment
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Women are suffering dominance and inferior treatment

Download file to see previous pages... Gender discrimination is known to prove disadvantageous for women not only professionally, but also psychologically. Researches in the field of sociology have found that people who experience gender discrimination become vulnerable to developing mental illnesses (Andersen and Taylor 552). As a consequence of experiencing discrimination, they experience high rates of hypertension, depression and other forms of mental disorders (Andersen and Taylor 552). This proves how severe are the effects of gender discrimination on women. Hence, women need to take strong steps towards eliminating discrimination at workplace. However, to do that, they have to fight not only their own fears and reluctance, but also the root causes of discrimination, which lies at the core of human psychology. Definition Discrimination can be defined as a behavior or “the practices that single out some groups for different and unequal treatment” (Andersen and Taylor 318). Discrimination leads people to give unequal treatment to people from minority group. Actions like “avoiding social contact with members of minority groups, denying them positions that carry authority, or blocking their access to exclusive neighborhoods” etc., are various forms and examples in which discrimination is practiced (Shepard 246). In fact, according to Allport (1979), extreme actions such as physically attacking or killing people from targeted groups can also be carried out by people practicing discrimination (Shepard 246). This shows that discrimination is a severe threat to the healthy progress of the society. Women being the victims of domination at the hands of men since ancient times, every aspect of their life remains stunted and unfulfilled due to the gender discrimination they experience in the society. Unfortunately, gender discrimination is practiced even in the modern times of today. Gender discrimination today Women experience unequal treatment in many aspects of their job. The earnings gap between women and men, which is persistent from a long time, is evidence of the fact that women are victims of gender discrimination despite of the laws made to prevent it (Andersen and Taylor 317). Even in today’s modern world, on an average, women earn only 73% of what men earn despite of working year-round and full-time, and putting in the same efforts as men do (Andersen and Taylor 317). According to a study by De-Navas et al (2003), in the year 2002, the median income for women working full-time and year-round was $30, 203 while it was $39, 429 for men (Andersen and Taylor 317). This shows how gender discrimination leads to unequal and dishonest treatment of women in the society. Women are never valued for their contribution o the society and development of family. Hence, despite of their importance of such things as nurturing children, jobs that have been historically defined as “women’s work” were never given due value in terms of income or prestige (Andersen and Taylor 317). Hence, it is not just in the past, but even in the present, that women are experiencing gender dissemination at workplace. A look at the top level positions at the Fortune 500 companies shows that women are certainly lagging behind as far as attaining the top level positions are concerned. By the year 2001, while 495 of the Fortune 500 companies were led by male CEOs, only 5 companies had women at the leadership position (Gregory 6). Only one of the hundred largest New York City firms were led by woman while 99 others were led by men (Gregory 6).Across the United States, 95 of the largest law firms have men in the top spot while only 5 have women as their chair-person (Gregory 6). A study in 1998 revealed that while 89 percent of the senior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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