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Sociologys Perspective on the Human World and How It Differs from Common Sense - Essay Example

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Sociology causes persons to move beyond individual activities when explaining human behaviour. The discipline offers structural and contextual insights that may have otherwise gone unnoticed by the ordinary human being…
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Sociologys Perspective on the Human World and How It Differs from Common Sense
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Extract of sample "Sociologys Perspective on the Human World and How It Differs from Common Sense"

Download file to see previous pages They tolerate the dictates of a patriarchal community without question and are doomed to an insignificant life. Women in rural Afghanistan are not permitted to purchase land, cars or other assets without male accompaniment or consent. Further, several of them do not get a chance at an education because it goes against societal norms. Many Middle Eastern women cannot have careers, go out or even expose their faces and parts of their bodies like many females in this country. Indeed, as a person from a completely different society, I would simply assume that such women are just not aggressive enough to fight for their rights. The disadvantage and injustice that they have to bear is something that can be reversed. As a layman, I would simply assume that they lack the will and tenacity to change these oppressive gender roles. However, sociology would present a totally different way of understanding conservative Middle Eastern women. Scholars would explain that gender identity and hence gender roles are sociologically predetermined. The persons who embrace these roles are so intertwined in their social structures that they do not even realise its repressive charcteristics. Bradley (2007) explains that one has to step outside one’s frame in order to understand oneself properly. ...
lity of her situation when she stepped outside her gender frame, or the category which society had placed upon her, in order to realise her potential. Therefore, sociology points out that women in such oppressed positions are simply victims of their social order. Many of the men in these patriarchal societies will justify their privilege through the use of biology. A typical layman may simply believe those explanations. However, sociology questions them and even provides contradicting explanations for them. Connell (1997) affirms that social relations shape biological processes. Therefore, sexist ideologies that are often supported by biological justifications are unfounded because sex and gender are two different things. The former is biological but the latter is social. Consequently, holders of privilege would stick to this definition because it would seem natural and unquestionable. Sociologists, however show that the biological is the foundation upon which the social is built. Oakley (1972) believes that although persons are sometimes predisposed to certain behaviour owing to their biological traits, society’s expectations of the same tends to exemplify these traits. This situation of Middle-Eastern women can also be understood in a different light when considering the gendered divisions of labour. One’s upbringing has a profound effect on the gender identity of a human being. Connell (1997) explicates that gender roles have been arranged in a manner that perpetuates reproduction. Divisions of labour that require women to be caregivers and men to work will ensure that a society perpetuates itself. Therefore, persons in conservative Muslim societies are applying this theory explicitly. They have created frames, albeit oppressive ones, to ensure that women will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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