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Tackling Social Welfare - Essay Example

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Date: Tackling Social Welfare Social and economic welfare is the ultimate goal of any government and administration right from the start to present day. Welfare refers to the concept of a system that a government and administration takes the ultimate responsibility of social and economic securities and opportunities to its people…
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Tackling Social Welfare
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Download file to see previous pages The welfare state is not administrative body that is providing all the rights and the grants to its people. Services should be treated as rights of the people by the state; in other worlds a person is maintaining of livelihood without relying on the market. The improved market efficiency was the goal of the nineteenth century society administration while designing of Poor laws in most of the countries. De-commodification commonly refers to the concept in which a normal worker of society is not relying on the market values. This concept reduces the authority of employers as thought by most of the managers present in the country. That is the main reason most of the corporations oppose the idea of de-commodification (Halmin). Internationally Germany was the pioneer in providing the social insurance to the workers of the nation. Concepts of maternity leave, parental leave, educational leave and unemployment insurance. Most of the countries have reached to the level of de-commodification by laws and regulations. Yet these all parameters are dependent on the employment history of the individuals. New parameters of social welfare include concepts like child care, transportation and other services like that. These services are included into the new parameters that are defined by social welfare organizations present all over the world. United States of America, as nation is considered as an ideal when studying socialism. The steps taken by federal governments for the social welfare of the people that are making it a great nation are land marks attained by administration. In United States of America; providing social welfare is the responsibility of individual states. On federal basis social security act of 1935; provide major guidelines for the state governments regarding the issue of social welfare. Congress in 1996 passed Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. Each state has a block grant from federal government in order to carry on its social welfare programs. Both federal and state programs must be compatible with Constitutional Standards in setting eligibility rules and procedures for applying (Haughwout). The relationship between freedom and welfare raises different issues need to be addressed. Individuals ability to work independently regardless of consequences of a particular action; may harm the concept of social welfare. In modern views however both individual freedoms and social welfare contribute to the individual good of the people. The concept of negative and positive freedoms is of a great interest while regarding the studies of welfare programs. Negative freedom refers to freedom an individual to perform any thing regardless to the consequences or results of the actions. In positive freedom concept results and consequences are also addressed equally with individual freedom of people (LAW). Another major concern is the investment done by the governments for the development of infrastructures and other social services. This not only facilitates the individuals as well as society. This also aids investment that is done by firms and companies in the area. Investment from private companies and firms should be encouraged by the governments in order to facilitate the effectiveness of services and also setting of high standards for societies. Welfare programs in the state of New York have historically raised more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tackling Social Welfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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