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Private Corrections Industry - Case Study Example

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Private Correctional Facilities (Name) (University) Private Correctional Facilities Introduction The American correctional system has experienced an unparalleled growth during the last couple of decades, as congressional records reveals that prison numbers have grown by over 400% with 2.3 million inmates in state, regional or federal detention centre, and a further 5.1 million under probation (U.S…
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Private Corrections Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Private correctional facilities currently account up to 23% of both state and federal facilities (Nelson, 2005). Since these problems are made worse by existing tougher crime strategies and budgetary constraints, the main objective of contracting prison facilities is to effect cost savings, while avoiding massive capital expenditures and at the same time relieving the overcrowded jails. Current research, reviews and literature on the benefits and shortcomings of private correctional facilities is filled with contradictions and contentions. As such, there is so much controversy regarding the role of private contractors in managing the prison system, something that presents a policy challenge for concerned authorities. In spite of this, there are nearly 158 private correctional facilities in operation across 30 states, and holding nearly 120,000 inmates. However, this numbers mirrors only a small portion of United States entire correctional facilities. ...
rom the beginning of 18th century, some states offered private contractors deals for managing of prison but at a fixed costs, and it was not until 1885, that thirteen states signed agreements with private entities that stipulated leasing out of prisons and employees (Ammons, Campbell, & Somoza, 1992). However, from the start of the 20th century state governments began contracting out prison services in order to manage the rising expenses associated with the ever-increasing functions of penal institutions. In particular, private facilities catered for services ranging from vocational training, inmate transportation, medical and mental care, in addition to food preparation. Even though San Quentin prison in California was the first facility built and fully operated by a private enterprise, the last the decades has seen the state public correctional facilities experiencing massive overcrowding, with estimates giving the facilities a 137.5% overcrowding rate (U.S. Department of Justice, 2013). In 2009, California was ordered by the court to to reduce the overcrowding in just less than two years since they had become a threat to the inmates health. In 2011, U.S. Supreme Court later affirmed this decision with 2013 being the compliance date. This meant that, both California local and state governments had to decrease its inmate population by nearly 39,000 (Gilroy, Summers, Randaz, & Kenny, 2011). Hence, the state government came up with a policy of realignment whereby responsibility for convicted inmates housing was changed to county jails, which then instituted a massive policy of privatization and public-private partnership. This policy has seen the overcrowding, which has reduced by almost 37,000 although still high nationally, and translating to 150% (Hakim & Blackstone, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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