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Criminal demographics - Literature review Example

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They contribute to the ability of law enforcement system to predict and prevent recidivism and improve psychological rehabilitation for prisoners. Despite numerous differences, there are…
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Criminal demographics
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Download file to see previous pages & Dar (2013), in June 2013, 80% out of almost 89 000 prison population were represented by adult males who were 18 or more years old in Wales and England. Only 7% of all offenders were represented by females (Berman & Dar 2013). Almost the same results are common in Scotland. In Canada, 85% of all people in correctional establishments were men in 2011/2012. Other 15% of prisoners were represented by women (Perreault, 2014). In US prisons, there are only 6.6% of female offenders compared to 93.3% of males in both federal and private correctional facilities (Federal Bureau of Prisons 2014).
The age of offenders can be different; however, young adults and middle-aged men are most common in law enforcement. 60 % of all prisoners were represented by adult males over 21 years old in Wales and England in 2013 (Berman & Dar 2013). In the USA, the biggest group of offenders is aged 31-35 years old (19%). However, 26-46 year-olds all show results higher than 10% (Federal Bureau of Prisons 2014). 55% of prisoners in Canada reported to be younger than 35 years old. Canada shows relatively big number of aged offenders (11% of the overall prison population) (Perreault 2014).
Race and ethnicity are critical demographic characteristics in the age of globalism. Being predominantly white, the UK displays the majority of white offenders in prisons. One quarter of all prisoners in the UK are represented by minority groups. In Canada, aboriginal people who represent only 4% of overall population occupied 28% space in prisons (Perreault 2014). In the USA, the question of race and ethnicity is the most burning issue. In fact, 34.5% of all prisoners are Hispanic and 37.5% are African American. Asian and Native Americans do not cross the limit of 2% (Federal Bureau of Prisons 2014).
Generally, many criminals experience violence being children. They often have a criminal history in their families. Most of them are single, unemployed and poor (Berman & Dar 2013). Berman & Dar (2013) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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