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The Critical Review of Three Basic Approaches towards Maintaining Law and Order - Essay Example

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The purpose and concept of law and order is supported by the public need to live in peace but in modern world of the 21st century, the law enforcement agencies are failing in fulfilling the basic and fundamental reason of their existence. …
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The Critical Review of Three Basic Approaches towards Maintaining Law and Order
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Download file to see previous pages As the humanity progressed in terms of intellect, they sadly found out that if humans keep on taking eyes for every eye taken then, everyone would end up with an empty eye-socket. The developed nations in the light of abovementioned discovery have recently eliminated death sentence and replaced it with life imprisonment. The notion of preserving human life and basic human rights is at the backend of the decision. According to the supporters of new way of implementing law, everyone has a right to exist in the world as God himself creates them. However, in a few states of America, the death sentence was kept valid in order to keep the crime rate low.
The attitude and behavior of the society towards law is highly correlated with educational and intellectual development and growth of the nations. Furthermore, in developing parts of the world, the prisoners are treated inhumanly while; the brutal practice of hanging a human being by the throat is considered justice. Additionally, as the advent of knowledge occurred in the modern era, governments and law enforcement agencies came to realize the importance and value of scientific evidence. The advanced nations are getting more and more committed towards supporting the presence of crime and guilt with concrete empirical data. The presence of witness to the crime is not considered a reliable source of winning a conviction and therefore, prosecution is requested and suggested to backup their claims with evidentiary proofs. The concept of law enforcement is being filled with exactitude and empirical thinking whereas; it was based on human emotions in the past.
In an ancient village, somebody killed a man by severing his throat by a shovel and distant tool marks were identified. A wise man recommended that all of the shovels in the village should be deposited for closer inspection and after receiving them, he placed the hardware in the open and in a few days, flies began to gather on a bloody shovel. This incident gave birth to the modern art and science of forensic science of investigation. The journey of criminology from being an emotion-based practice towards becoming a scientific discipline took thousands of years. But, ultimately humans are learning to set aside their emotions and feelings in the process of investigating a crime. The idea of modern criminology has become famous to originate from the overall head of positivism that stated that humans are good in their basic nature and they behave in a wrongful way due to external factors and phenomenon. The governments and law enforcement agencies must focus on removing unconstructive influences in the environment. The modern law and order management is based on treating humans with the humanistic values. Additionally, it is important and valuable to note that developed forensic science is fundamentally empowered in order to give the criminals a chance to experience recovery and grace. The notion of constructivism is the ultimate stage that has been believed to emanate from positivism. The constructivism is conceptualized so that criminal minds must be treated and helped in terms of seeing a positive side of life and they must be impressed towards becoming and transforming into participative humans in the society (Open University K209/Block 1, Youth Justice Board 2010 pp. 17 ). The critical review of all the three known approaches towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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