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The link between poverty and crime has remained a controversial topic for decades.For a long period of time,criminologists and social researchers have determined poverty using income.The assumption,when using income as measure poverty is that when a family’s income falls below the designated poverty level in a given area that particular family must be poor…
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The relationship between poverty and crime
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Download file to see previous pages The link between poverty and crime has remained a controversial topic for decades.For a long period of time,criminologists and social researchers have determined poverty using income.The assumption,when using income as measure poverty is that when a family’s income falls below the designated poverty level in a given area that particular family must be poor. Based on this assumption there is the question of whether income alone is a valid or reliable measure of poverty. There exists some evidence that support that poverty is a complicated measure that can not only be measured from income level. This due to the fact that poverty holds some behavioral signs that lack any relationship to how much income a family gets (Castillo-Ch’avez et al, 2008). Taking the United States as an example, people living under poverty conditions tend to settle in certain neighborhoods instead of being distributed across all regions. One thing that comes out is that signs of poverty come out in various behavioral ways. Therefore, determining poverty is not just about the amount of income a person earns, but also the behavioral factors present in a person. There is sufficient support from researchers that poverty should not only be considered as the lowness of income because income only shows people’s capabilities and lack of material. One common belief among crime researchers and sociologists is that there is a strong connection between poverty and crime. ...
On the other hand, criminologists determine poverty using social class income and a man’s occupation (Brady, 2003). Social class, unemployment, and crime The subject of social class and crime is one of the widely studied areas by criminologists. The most common conclusion made by researchers is that crime rates are high in the lower class. In the 1940s and 50s, research on this area did not give much on the link between a person’s social class and level of crime in the respective social classes. Continued research on this subject indicates that the link between social class and crime may be absent. In addition, the assumption that crime rates are high in lower class has turned out not to be the case as significant levels of crime have been observed across all social classes (Dunaway et al, 2000). The prevalence of crime in developing nations worsens the volatility of the matter. Crime is considered to be the violation of criminal law, which comes with harsh penalties provided by government authorities. Acts of crime offend the morality of a society as well as violating the divine law. Governments across the world put endless efforts in attempting to fight and eradicate crime. It is worth noting that, in places where rates of unemployment are high, crime rates are also likely to be high. This is because people are easily lured into criminal activities due to poverty, frustration, and hopelessness. To elaborate on this, unemployed persons lack access to legal income resources hence the pressure to gain income from unlawful activities. In addition to this, unemployment, and low income drive people, to earn high incentives in order to commit a crime (Brady, 2003). The labor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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