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Diaz explores relationships in poverty - Research Paper Example

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Poverty has a significant impact on the way people live. As in, the story by Diaz the relationships in poverty are a comprehensively strong story in a setting of families with poor living standards in the Dominican Republic and New Jersey. Most of the setting in poverty-stricken areas found in the hidden landscape. …
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Diaz explores relationships in poverty
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Download file to see previous pages Diaz’s story gives grimly matter-of-fact lifestyles in difficult childhoods in the non-conducive environment. The relationship between fathers and their families is not good as fathers feared and if not are not close to their families. On the other hand, mothers over work and look on to fate to decide their lifestyle. The relationships in poverty settings are prone to violence, starting from the parents to children. The mostly affected generations in this environment are those in adolescence and the young adults. The characters in the Drown story fight their way out against an obscured future, and their lifestyle is for the moment, even as they wish and wait for the situation to improve (Diaz, 1). Diaz portrays poverty in a highly peculiar way, and poverty is the main cause of the derailed behavior in these adolescents.
Poverty remains one of the chief reasons why many families have a broken relationship or parent to child bond does not exist. Mothers cease from caring about their children and stick to work for most of their time leaving their children with no one to nurture them. Poverty causes most of the parents to work extra hard in looking for food for their families, forgetting how to nurture or parent their children. The conditions that poverty-stricken families reside in tell the whole story as most of them are in impoverished houses lacking electricity. The children in poverty-stricken families misuse their leisure and resolve to use of drugs and violence to get what they want (Diaz, 2). The children from the family stricken with poverty reminiscence on their past and wish for change, but most of the parents have little time with their kids, so they end up in crime and other vices. The vices that the children involve themselves include prostitution and robbery. The little children and teenagers in many families in areas stricken by poverty require guidance and counseling if they are to attain their future goals. The teenagers in impoverished areas look for an alternative to do in order to kill time. This results into crimes and other vices that mislead them instead of encouraging them. Adolescence is another key that teenagers indulge in criminal behavior among them stealing and lack of self-control to the use of drugs (Diaz, 3). The adolescent boys did not have guidance on how to cope with their stage in life. The reason behind this is that their parents worked for long hours for example, Mami, and lacked the time to bond with their children and give them some advice on life. Poverty overrides parental guidance in that the lack of time by parents to bond with their children explains it all. The lack of time to parent the children and derailed relationship results in the parent-child relationship results in vices, such as robbery and illegal gun possession illustrated by many families in poverty. The poverty in many families forces the children in unexplained business such as selling bottles to get money. The main problem that poverty brings with itself is people who do not care because many businesspersons will use children to benefit themselves. This is prevalent in many states that experience lack of resources and guidance. Moral decadence in many societies prevails, as people are victims of circumstances. Separation between parents in many poverty-stricken societies causes the children to look for ways to fend for themselves. The situations in the country are some of the factors that encourage single parenthood. The experience shows how many, adolescents try to survive harsh and violent world full of crime and violence (Diaz, 4). Insecurity in poverty settings caused people to find ways of defending themselves ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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