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Criminological Theory Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: Chapter 6- The complexity of Control This chapter has contains important information from a great writer called Travis Hirschi. He has subjugated control theory for quite some time and has managed to command great influence to the present times and it is likely that this might continue for the years to come…
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Chapter 6-7-8
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Download file to see previous pages This author is also able to raise his issues in a very combative manner and this makes him very controversial. He is supportive of theoretical perspective and highly opposes any other way of thinking that is contrary to this. The author’s methodology of integrating theories is antagonistic and this is seen from various angles of his writing. Hirschi tends to believe that good theories have certain expectations and also have an inward form of consistency that makes them hard to blend with other kinds of methodologies. Any trial that has been done to mix them together has resulted in fuzzy theoretical frameworks and prevents the development of personal theories. In addition to these, since theories formulated by Hirschi are parsimoniously mentioned and goes on to suggest that other theories are incorrect, they are actually perfect to assess empirically. One of the many known reasons that theories succeed is because they are capable of providing scholars with prospects to carry out their research and manage to publish their work. This is the accomplishment that paves way for their tenure and advancement in their career. The theorizing work of this author has therefore been a great resource that has been used by many criminologists in various publications and there is no evidence or sign that shows any end to his research ideas. However, the theorizing endeavors of Hirschi have not reached every corner of the globe. Although the frameworks of his theories are bold, many people have come out to criticize them saying that they are pretentious since they claim that his theories are very general and only explain about crime through other kinds of crimes and people. Hirschi is seen to show mere interest in race, social class and gender disparities mostly when explaining on very critical perspectives such as the fundamentals of crime. However, the critiques pointed at Hirschis’ work had done absolutely nothing to bring his influence down but instead; the controversy has led to the need for more research to be conducted. The career timeline of this author has made his way of thinking to evolve in a very substantial way. This has been seen by the two ultimate theories that he has come up with. The first theory is called the “social bond theory” which is discussed in his book “causes of Delinquency” and the other theory is the, “Self- control theory which is discussed in “A general theory of crime”. Each these two theories are discussed into great depths and this helps in showing how their perspectives contradict. However, there are other scholars who have contributed various theories that have focused on the work of crime control, despite the pervasive influence the Harschi has caused through his theories. The alternative theories that have been formulated by other theorists are have more content since they have a wider scope of how control is formed and its wide range of consequences. Chapter 7- Critical criminology (Labeling Theory) Labeling theory outlines various social reactions to crime and deviant behaviors. It basically tries to find out what happens people who commit crime after they are identifies as criminals and labeled that name tag and goes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chapter 6-7-8 Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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