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Relativism and Morality - Research Paper Example

Rape, as yet another example, is a violation of the victim’s personal will and also exploits the victim (Goodman, 2010). However, Goodman is attempting to impose a set of universalist values which are not always going to be embraced by different cultures. In Africa, as one example, rape is a common practice engaged with members of the military and within the family dynamic. When the individual that has been the victim of rape becomes accustomed to this lifestyle, without proper guidance about the morality and ethics of the act, they are simply not educated that rape within the family unit is not acceptable in most cultures. Therefore, without having a moral center within the African culture or government (or in education), whether the act of rape is wrong is completely relative. Mosser (2010) would likely defend the aforementioned argument, as he clearly indicates that the acceptability of moral versus amoral acts are directly linked to one’s culture, religion, worldview and even one’s personal set of values. Using, again, the aforesaid example of rape within the African family dynamic, if the local culture considers these acts to be moral and ethical, it would simply be one (or a handful) of individuals that would attempt to challenge the moral and ethical principles of rape. It would seem, however, that Goodman is attempting to illustrate that it would be the majority within society that would be the proverbial gatekeepers of morality and ethics, thus being the dominant force in determining

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Relativism and Morality
That means the validity of these things depends on the culture and context they originate. In sharp contrast to this view that the intelligentsia cherished for quite some time, Goodman (2010) claims that there are some basic ‘wrongs’ which are universally accepted as wrongs and are not bound by regional or cultural contexts.
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Drug Patents and Morality
Life-saving medicines and medical technologies, a scarce supply of current drugs that meet the healthcare requirements of most people, are the basis for almost all public health initiatives intended to minimize mortality and morbidity rates in developing countries or in the Third World. Nevertheless, they are ever more inaccessible to these people. 
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Cultural relativism
The validity of the actions a person performs or exhibits is culture specific. The right and wrong is culture bound which means that something that is considered moral in one society maybe absolutely immoral in another society. In other words cultural relativism “is the idea that each culture or ethnic group is to be evaluated on the basis of its own values and norms of behavior and not on the basis of those of another culture or ethnic group” (Rosado, 1994).
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Relativism and Morality
For instance, some people regard what other cultures believe as being right or wrong. In her book, Goodman examines numerous aspects of relativism along with morality (Goodman, 2010). She, therefore, addressed numerous things seemed to be wrong by the majority.
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Morality is Not Relative
Morality outlines that which the society has generally accepted and consequently perceives it to be right. Definition of morality varies across social groups, and what is perceived to be right in one society may be wrong to another. In other words, the morals of one society may constitute immorality to another.
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Ethical relativism

The author states that ethical relativism is a viewpoint where there is the belief that morality is dependent on the norms of a culture that practice it; this society determines whether the actions of individuals in morally right or wrong. Those who propagate this theory believe that nothing can be said to be the absolute truth concerning morality.

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A discussion between two characters--about moral relativism
A discussion between two characters- About moral relativism Ethics, a set of rules in a society that regulates people’s behaviour by defining wrongs and rights in a society, is a fundamental aspect of people’s behaviour. Different ethical theories exist to explain people’s behaviours and to offer general rules towards a more cohesive society.
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They attempt to place emphasis on morality through analyzing the secular and rational mindset as perceived by human welling or happiness. Philosophical approach is not authoritarian, irrational or arbitrary (William 23). The religious and legal laws are subjective.
7 pages (1750 words)Research Paper
Ethics and Morality
The term morality in the simplest and most basic sense refers to a set of principles and values which can be defined as good conduct. It also refers to a general notion and concept of morals (acceptable laws, conducts, behaviors) which people believe are correct and therefore practice them.
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the moral and ethical acceptability of such issues such as rape, murder and even terrorism. However, society should consider that history often determines whether a group or individual should be considered a terrorist. For instance, there could be many British individuals that considered the war that occurred during American independence were all terrorists, as they defied the majority rule of the British empire during the time period. However, American history has painted the individuals that founded the United States as heroes that were simply defending the needs, wants and values of the American citizens during the Revolutionary War. Now, using the argument of the Revolutionary War as the primary example, Mosser is given support for the relativist view of morality and ethics. As he argues that relativism is related to one’s personal values, culture, and even religion, he would likely ponder the American Revolution, using the worldview as an example, to recognize that not everyone in global culture views the founders of the American society as heroes and saviors. Instead, Mosser would likely engage in debates that recognize that morality and ethics are largely individual and cannot be justified by any one set of moral and ethical contracts. All situations that are questionable as it relates to morality and ethics illustrate that there are not simply some scenarios and human actions that are wrong and cannot be debated since they are massive violations of the individual will and generic human rights. When a tyrannical government is overthrown, thus liberating society from oppression or domination, it takes a group of individuals (whether private citizens or militaristic) to provide the tools or support necessary to achieve the goal of said liberation. Today’s global culture, such as those supported by such organizations as the United Nations, tend to attempt to impose a universalist approach to


Relativism and Morality BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Relativism and Morality Goodman’s viewpoint that there are certain universal principles which are consistently wrong is somewhat flawed. Goodman (2010) highlights that rape, terrorism and murder (as three examples) should be considered wrongs within a global context…
Relativism and Morality
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