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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Is Feminism Dead? Introduction The post feminism myth began in earlier 1980’s when scholars and journalists began to proclaim that feminism is dead. Feminism is defined as the collection of ideologies and movements that aims to establish equal social, economic and political rights from women across the globe (Aronson, 908)…
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Is feminism dead
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Download file to see previous pages The purpose of the research is to offer a balanced analysis towards the claims made by some writers about feminism and it also attempts to offer profound understanding about the issue of whether feminism is dead or not. Although the issue of feminism is a controversial subject, the claims that feminism is dead rest on wide spread presumptions that young and modern women do not appreciate gains made by the movement rights of women. Discussions Varied literature studies have attempted to argue about the issue as to whether feminism is dead or not; thus the claims that feminism is dead rest on widespread presumptions that young women do not appreciate gains made by the movement rights of women. However, instead of appreciating the gains made by women’s movement rights, many of them do not support feminism and they are not even concerned about discrimination gains gender. The cultural space of post-feminism where feminist gains of the 1970s and 1980s have been undermined by popular culture and repudiated by many young or modern women (Aronson 904). The research study on the relationship of working class women with feminism reminds the reader that feminism does not form a unitary and clearly defined theory but it depends on the knowledge that women access (Aronson 903). Late modernity and the changes that have occurred socially and economically have presented novel challenges to both young women and feminism. Analyzing the article of Aronson through a feminist lens may seem pointless, but the influence that this article has over the developing minds of young women in the contemporary society should garner the attention of feminist thinkers who may wish to influence the next generation of women. Aronson aims to deconstruct the female relationships and the gender roles that women play in the society. It has been argued that young women take for granted that they can have a career and consider equality to have been achieved, as well as, expect to be taken seriously as self-determining adults on an equal footing with men (Aronson 905). The research study looking at the relationship of young women to feminism indicates that not all women think feminism is relevant to their lives and that their attitude to feminisms may be at best ambivalent. Most of young women express feminist ideals and values but they fail to identify themselves as feminists because they are unsure of what feminism really is. The theory of feminism supported by the work of Aronson found that while young women express support for feminist goals, some are finding it difficult to position themselves in relation to feminism (Aronson 904). I believe this argument is reasonable because most women in the contemporary society find it difficult to position themselves in relation to feminism. Although women understand the significant role that the feminist movement plays, some view feminism as dead because women have nowadays equal power and play equal roles similar to those of men. However, women are discriminated against education, work position in some organisation, class, race and gender roles; thus I believe these are among the issues that would reveal that feminism is not dead but it is still alive. In the article of “the myth of post-feminism” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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