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Race and Ethnicity - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Chapter 3 – Race & Ethnicity a. What do you understand race and ethnicity to be? I believe that race is just a modern idea, as one can substantially embark on the scientific concepts that will help us understand the differences of the human species when it comes to the color of our skin, eye, hair, and down to our physical structure (PBS.org)…
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Race and Ethnicity
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Race and Ethnicity

Download file to see previous pages... Ethnicity on the other hand, might remain a favorable approach in order to define individual groups not based on physical characteristics, but more of the identification of attitudes, values, beliefs, and anything that will lead to the emancipation of social hope, instead of the annihilation of some human groups that might quite simply be the ultimate upshot of the human standards of grouping people. This at some point has become the fundamental basis of racism and other relevant acts. b. What do you understand prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping to be? Define and give examples. The extermination of Native Americans, exclusion of Asian immigrants, taking of Mexican lands are just some examples of institutionalized racial practices in the government, laws and society (PBS.org). These practices clearly manifest any form of prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping, at some point or at certain level. Therefore, it is evident that prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping have their basic foundation in racial practices, as ways to oppress and deny the basic rights of those inferior ones. For instance, the eugenics programs may literally have focused on criminals and mentally ill people (CNN). This sounds good to hear, but the entire application of eugenics may be a sole function of prejudice, discrimination or stereotyping, as long as it literally would want to separate individuals or group of people and label them. When we have to look deeper the emancipation of eugenics we can say that it is not just confined in its superficial function. It is even extended to healthy, but poor, uneducated women and children to undergo sterilization procedure apart from their will (CNN). In other words, I believe that at a certain degree, there is no remarkable difference when it comes to the existence of prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping, but what they have in common is the most essential point. I strongly believe that they are all results of the social problem linked to racism. c. What are the causes, consequences, and solutions to the social problem of racism (from a functional, conflict, and interactionism perspective)? Based on functional perspective, the inappropriate use of symbols may lead to the social problem of racism, because the face-to-face interaction may provide an essential foundation to stereotype, create bias and prejudice, which eventually are probable consequences of any relevant racial movements. The ultimate solution is therefore to create a more universal symbol that everyone, in as much as possible could relate. On the other hand, from the point of view of functionalism, the inappropriate relationship that exists within the society may be the potential cause of racism, leading to a maladaptive society. This can only be prevented if each aspect of the society should be functional, which means there is a strong motivation to adapt, without even any hint of superiority or inferiority complex. Finally, from the stand point of conflict theory, racism may be the result of the actual competition in the scarce resources, which ultimately has become the reason of social Darwinism, survival of the fittest and eventually rationalizations of inequality (Kevles). These are all potential grounds of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Race and ethnicity
The discussion seeks to answer the question: What does it mean to say that race is a social construction? How is the social meaning of race the result of political struggles? What are the key points about the complex relationship between SES and race? What is the primary institutional mechanism of racism that is a fundamental cause of racial disparities in health?
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Race and Ethnicity
Although, this happens there are ways in which the scenes have changed. What used to be seen as deviant in earlier decades is not the same as what is seen as deviant in the current films or television episodes. The media in this case the television has a significant role to play in terms of race and ethnicity.
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Race And Ethnicity
According to the paper the ethnic composition of Britain’s population is very diverse, a factor that Wilbanks attributes to the large-scale immigration of people from former British colonies in Africa, Caribbean, and South Asia after the First and Second World Wars. The immigrants from these regions joined people who had immigrated earlier from continental Europe and Ireland resulting to multiracial, populations with distinct cultures.
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Identity:gender,class,race, and ethnicity
Gender, race, class, and ethnicity are all interrelated characteristics that outline groups, but the specific dynamics defined by each group are what shape the individual experience of every person.
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Race and Ethnicity
She is of Asian origin, coming from Taiwan which gives a good basis to look at the various social-cultural stereotypes associated with Asian people. This interview can be seen as a confirmation about the various theories of dominant and minority ethnic groups.
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Race and Ethnicity
There are many kinds of races and ethnicities in the world that create a difference from one geographic area to another. Countries have become interconnected over the years and there has been lots of travel, migration and mingling of all sorts that have made the presence of all races all over the world.
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Race and ethnicity College Essay
Omi and Winant (1994, p. 55) state "race is a concept, which signifies and symbolizes social conflicts and interests, by referring to different types of human bodies". Some sociologists state that the notion of race has always been filled with some socio-cultural meaning, demonstrating an attitude towards 'aliens', expressed through the emphasizing of their most observable physical differences.
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Race and ethnicity
Whereas, ethnicity applies to cultural characteristics unlike race, and is the basis for understanding concepts between two people of different "kinds." The theories that claim that racial or ethnic groups are inherently inferior or superior and entitle some to dominate and to eliminate others, whom they consider inferior on the basis of racial discrimination, are totally contrary to moral and ethical principles of humanity.
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Comparative Race and Ethnicity
The discussion of political freedom and ethnicity might not be of much interest but a discussion made by writers with different point of view on same topic won't be a boring one. I am one of those people standing in the gathering where people were enjoying the discussion made by Leroi Jones, the author of "blues people", and Socrates of "Walking the dog".
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Race and Ethnicity
The stratification has observed variety and multiplication in the contemporary age where large number of individuals travel from one part
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