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According to the essay, this morning Jane was arguing with me about the discrimination practiced against black people in our office. She had been called by our boss to report the research findings on the topic she was working on. Mr. Albert scolded her for no obvious reason…
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Applying Sociological Concepts
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. Albert had again mentioned her race with great cruelty without any need of doing so. This was the third time when Jane had to face such humiliation just because of her black skin color. After listening and analyzing the whole situation I tried a lot to explain that it is only her perception and that in the contemporary world people with white collar occupations cannot be discriminated on the basis of gender, beliefs, race, culture or even their skin color which such things hold very minimum value today. However, despite of giving various explanations about the changing norms of our society I eventually failed to convince her. Jane on the other hand ended the conversation with her old statement “you are speaking all this because of the strong influence of your superego”. I and Jane are not very old friends but due to certain incidences in my life she has become a significant other for me. Although we do not share strong heterosexuality but she is my only friend from her sex. Initially we met during the course of Sociological Science offered at our university campus. There onwards we shared the same social group and professional network. Although she belongs to a black community but since her forefathers migrated to the western counties some twenty years back, she has almost transformed into a western women with the same social values and the overall personality. Before meeting her I used to consider sociology as an unimportant subject which is neither beneficial nor harmful for our professional lives as business students. However, after hearing to the personal accounts of Jane I began to think that how the theories of sociology actually change our thinking patters. Moreover, it compels one’s inner self to consider every action into the light of ethics beyond the vague traditions, sexual orientation and changes in technology. Her family enjoys a reputable financial status in the society but they are often tortured by the prevailing class system. Contrary to this I belong to a family where most of the people have blue-collar occupations. I do not have very good background but since I belong to a popular culture and I possess white skin therefore I enjoy significant privileges at different stages of life. My sisters have never experienced sexual harassment and neither my brothers have been caught by criminal justice system for the routine investigations at the university campus. I personally believe that our society is a major victim of role conflict in addition to maintaining no self-esteem and ego. This can be substantiated on the basis of the cruelty black people face in our country. When I look at the life of Jane and her siblings I feel a very clear contradiction with respect to the role of our judiciary system. In order to maintain social control, especially over the juvenile, they attempt such techniques and strategies which actually affect the minorities hence leading them towards ultimate alienation from the entire nation. This really represents the role conflict of our law enforcement agencies. Despite of dealing with the real cause of deviance our society intends to decrease crime rate with the help of further discrimination. As per the cause and effect relationship this ultimately ends with a large number of young people madly following their id. Jane has finally resigned from her job and now she will try to build some online business.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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