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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction The film revolves around Albom and his teacher/professor, Mr. Morrie Schwartz, who was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It demonstrates various kinds of grief by Albom throughout the conversations he had with his teacher, and which prompted Albom to travel from Michigan to Massachusetts on weekly basis…
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Tuesday with Morrie-Film analysis/research articles
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Download file to see previous pages The grief can be traced way back from conversations and flashbacks between him and his teacher for the period between the graduation and reunion. It should be noted that despite the fact that anticipatory grief is a reaction that occurs before an impending loss of death, it can also occur to the dying persons but it is more reactive to the bereaved. This is clearly brought out in the Schwartz’s and Albom’s conversations that canvas acceptance in the Albom’s assent to the reality that Schwartz was indeed sick, recognizing the need to go and visit him, communication and love, which can be traced in the relationship between the two (Lindemann,11). The connection between the two make Albom have a hard time, become hopelessness, helplessness and some have untold guilt propelled by love that force him to commute weekly despite his newspaper editing job. This is also portrayed in the fact that he took him some food in every visit and the symbolic aspect in which Schwartz’s health deteriorated like the hibiscus tree, which presents the natural trajectory of life as he tells the story crashing into shore, and thus, symbolizing death. To understand the grieving process, one needs to understand the stages of the process as its only when someone is stuck in a step for long that the grieving process can be termed as unhealthy, destructive and to some extent, dangerous. Depending with the individual’s capability to adapt to the loss and the environment he is in, the grieving process can take unspecified period of time and analysis is essential so as to identify appropriate therapy as the affected may not explicitly show signs or symptoms of the health problem. Consideration of factors like what other external support he/she gets from a close friend, a relative and/or any available physical structure or phenomenon to distract him /her from the loss thoughts, is important (Neimeyer, p6). The analysis of the vulnerability of the event and/or the vulnerability of the affected person to the loss will streamline the in depth analysis of the connection to the loss will enable understanding of the rise in tension due to failure of habitual problem- solving measures. The persistence of the loss to the bereaved will help in monitoring the organizational levels, functioning and ineffectuality. This effective monitoring will guide in response towards the limits to avoid the burden breaking point, which may result into breakdown of an individual’s mental and social functioning. Despair and depressions which can be as a result of long term suffering are painful and protracted stage with irrational behavior’s and thoughts which may include anger. Application of the homeostasis concepts in the analysis will help in balancing the environmental atmosphere within the affected and the external environment especially if the balance has been threatened by physiological or psychological forces. A cognitive approach can also be used to understand the concepts of loss with which emotional response is determined through evaluation of procedural stimulus configurations and the appraisal of its personal significance in relation to the bereaved and the loss itself. To promote adaptive coping and adjustments, we can apply the appraisal focused/ the adaptive cognitive strategy which is appreciative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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