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Name Instructor Task Date Research Analysis Research Problem In most cases, students find difficulty in discerning information that they acquire from their teachers. It is advisable to measure the performance of students using the evaluation that is collected from the careful observation of the mode of teaching applied…
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EDU 532: Research Analysis
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"EDU 532: Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The nature of the skills acquired in the subsequent education levels helps contribute to the behavioral traits of students towards their academic performance. The behavioral and academic risk factors are applied to measure the level of understanding within the students as they mature with the curriculum. The research questions include: Does the teaching experience contribute to the results in the students? How does behavioral and academic risk influence individual progress in education? What measure generate the behavioral pattern witnessed in creating negative progress? Therefore, the research question would be acquired to include, “Type of curriculum applied helps promote better education performance in students with academic and behavioral risks.” Literature Review The article on the research conducted to evaluate the effects of behavior patterns on the learning process. These can be in the form of problems experienced within the people that the students contact or the nature of the social response they acquire to contribute to school performance in the community. There are variable teaching forms applied to discern knowledge to students, and each presents an advantage to the other. These forms would help to articulate the best measures to undertake to boost the effectiveness in the teaching process and avoid poor performance in class. ...
EBD, according to the research, leads to the development of learning disorders. The studies revealed that children with a negative attitude find difficulty in associating with their peers hence grave consequence in achieving their fete in educational progress. DIBELS is applied to the children before they begin the early reading process and monitor their progress. SSBD, on the other hand, are applied to monitor the children’s progress as they relate to the education format implemented. The curriculum applied in the early learning process would determine the measure of the knowledge grasped, therefore, dictating the behavior developed towards the learning process. These are the features that contribute to teacher effectiveness. Research Design The mentioned research in the article is descriptive. Descriptive research design involves the study conducted on the subject being examined without having any direct impact on the outcome. The descriptive research explains what the effect of the entity under consideration is and issues the cause of the constraint. It applies both qualitative and quantitative techniques of research to complete the findings and in the study presented, there is an analysis of the relationship between behavior and the performance of the students in schools (Doyle). Descriptive statistics applied engaged the application of cross tabulation, mean and standard deviation procedures to analyze the variables considered being of interest. The method of data collection is through direct observation and sampling. The schools that presented the highest amount of risk behavior were assessed, and permission sought to allow the study to attribute the results. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EDU 532: Research Analysis Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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