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Running Head: JOURNAL ARTICLE RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Compensation within an organization decides how well the business entity is being looked after and the kind of issues that are being taken care of…
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Journal Article Research and Analysis
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"Journal Article and Analysis"

The need is to understand how the perfect mesh will actually produce results and that too for all and sundry. Compensation is indeed a much required proposition for the employees and without this; they will not be interested in working for any business entity. This indeed is a given. The impact and affect of compensation within an organization can be understood once the organization plans for itself the set course of action when it decides to pay the employees. What this suggests is the overall comprehension that compensation is something that drives the employees and without these aspects, there would be no solutions available. From a human resource management outlook, the role of compensation becomes even more important once the employees are unhappy with their salaries or when they are being made to wait for the receipt of their payments. This gains attention because employees are facing a tough time at the hands of the employers and are not aware as to what they ought to be doing in such a scenario. The need perhaps is to get in touch with the human resource management department as it is the bridge between the employees and the top management concerns in the organization. Essentially speaking, the role of compensation within an organization is to make the employees feel secured regarding their job manifestations. Now if this premise is not given proper significance by the employers themselves, there will be immensely glaring issues which shall come to the fore sooner rather than later (Martocchio, 2011). The impact of compensation is such that the employees know beforehand when their salaries will be handed out to them. They are also aware that this element is something that is bound to stay with them as long as they are the employees of this organization and nobody would deny them this opportunity to feed their family members. The role of compensation is such that it gives a much secured feel to everything that surrounds the work basis of the employees within the organization. Without the compensation premise, it would be hard to fathom what actually goes into deciding the real ingredients behind motivation for the sake of the employees (Roloff, 2007). There is bound to be some factor or the other which will eventually decide how employees are being treated and how they shall be rewarded at the end of the month or on an annual basis – whatever has been decided for compensation beforehand. Therefore the impact and affect of compensation is such that many satisfied and intrinsically motivated employees can start having a tough time once compensation gets mingled up for all the wrong reasons. In essence, compensation is the main key or the deciding factor behind many individuals who are looking out for job opportunities or who are currently employed. Everyone wishes to make a living out of the compensation that they receive at the end of the month or on a quarterly basis. The need is to know where anomalies within compensation actually lie and who is responsible for resolving them at the earliest possible level (Hurwich, 1986). Since compensation is being taken care of by the financial side of the business, the role of the human resource management department in detailing who gets what amount is also quintessential. Thus the onus is on the human resources management department to make sure that the message gets conveyed in an adequately sound way because this is much needed on the part of the organization that wishes to remain fair, free and transparent. To conclude the Read More
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