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Race & Employment - Assignment Example

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Race & Employment Introduction In this recent era, each and every organization always desire to recruit an employee who comprises of a mixture of varied types of technical and non-technical skills along with experiences (Pritchard, n.d.). Skills play an active role in the life of an employee as it helps in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency thereby enhancing the level of performance and dedication over work…
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Race & Employment
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Download file to see previous pages Soft skills such as fluency in language, management or administrative qualities, ability to work in a group, tackling a group, problem solving ability, decision making, and many others are some of the effective ones. Thus, these qualities are essential for a leader or manager of an organization. Tackling a group of employees is entirely a personal quality that is the most essential requirement of a manager or leader of an organization (Klaus, 2009). However, in order to improve the technical or non-technical skills, training is extremely essential. Without which, an employee may not sustain in this competitive world and also the organizations are always in a search to recruit the best skilled employee to improve its ranking and popularity in the market. Thus, it might be depicted that soft skills are an essential requirement for a successful career (Pritchard, n.d.). Meaning and definition of soft skills Soft skills are those which are non-technical or intangible in nature. These types of skills are also described as personality specific and help in determining the strength and weakness of the individual (Pritchard, n.d.). ...
Only then, one may communicate with another in an appropriate way, thereby presenting a harmonious situation in the organization or family. Soft skills refer to a bunch of personal qualities, attitudes and habits that helps in shaping the personality of an individual. It is also recognized as those skills essential to accomplish the required and expected goals of an individual and the organization in which, he or she works (Pritchard, n.d.). So, it is extremely important for any individual both in terms of personal as well as professional career. Moreover, soft skills are intrapersonal and interpersonal in nature that helps in determining an individual capability to get adopted into a social environment for example: strong work ethics, communication skills, interpersonal skills, personal ethics, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, flexibility and many others. Thus, soft skills are entirely related to an individual emotional quotient and are essential requirements of a job in these recent days. Types of skills Skills are mainly of two types. These are technical or hard skills and non-technical or soft skills. Hard or technical skills may be taught with the help of varied types of training programs or work-shops (Pritchard, n.d.). Hard skills are entirely related with the intelligent quotient (IQ) level of an individual whereas soft skills are the behavioral skills that changes as per the requirements of the situation or organization. Soft skills are not taught in schools or colleges but these are in-born skills that might get enhanced or altered according to conditional changes. This may be possible only with the help of effective communication system. Due to such reason, it is always depicted that successful individual require extra-ordinary soft skills and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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