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A day in my life - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Every day of the week,my alarm clock,goes off at 4am.Each day is an early start for me,whether it is study,prepare for work,or prepare my baby’s things for the day.However, this does not mean that getting up is easy…
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A day in my life
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Download file to see previous pages I have tried to get around this time of the day by placing the clock on the reading table, which is on the other side of my room. My husband Tony, however, will bring it back to the bedside after I sleep. Some days, I ignore the alarm and sleep on, although my husband will always wake me up, particularly when our daughter April wakes up. The shower is usually my first call, followed an almost daily ritual of looking for my glasses, which never seem to be where I left them. By the time I am done, my grandmother, who lies in with us, and my husband are up. The kitchen on most days is usually hectic with my little daughter a bundle of energy, my husband going through the paper, my elder grandmother trying to cheer up everyone, and myself trying to ensure that everyone has what they need. Sometimes I feel like they all need mothering and they expect me to know where everything is. Weekends, however, are my favorite and this paper is one Sunday in my life. The sociological concept of competition is informed by the fact that human desires and needs are not in endless supply (Scott, 2009). On Sunday mornings, my husband and I will always try to get up as early as we can in order to get the newspaper and do the crossword puzzle. It is the only day of the week that my grandmother has no interest in the puzzle, leaving it to us. Usually, I get up before Tony but he beat me to it this time, leading to gloating and teasing. It is difficult to handle Tony when he is in this mood, particularly since he has not beaten me to the paper in months. I simply went out to join my grandmother for breakfast. Ethnocentrism as a sociological concept also plays a leading role in my life, especially on Sundays. My parents were both second generation Italian-Americans, as were Tom’s parents. We still go to church everyday, as we have since we met each other. Ethnocentrism is referent to the way in which societies or groups of people ensure that their culture is central to all they do (Scott, 2009). In this case, being a Catholic was not a choice and almost all our big days have a Catholic theme, including our anniversaries. Sunday is no different, and after breakfast, I help my grandmother prepare to accompany us. Thankfully, Tom has finished the puzzle and is preparing April’s lunch as we await the baby sitter. Since my grandmother is accompanying us, I will be her chaperone, which I do not mind since she is fun to be around. Although this is Sunday, I know that the neighborhood gang will not hesitate to try and get a raise out of us. The sociological concept of conflict involves different groups attempting to win over the other at any cost (Scott, 2009). Italians and the Irish do not get along in my neighborhood, and as we near the intersection, we see a group of Irish young men. I am sure that if I were alone, and on foot, they would have come to me. Luckily, I was in the car, and my husband noted the same, telling my grandmother that I was scared. Mass was enjoyable, as it always is with Father Lance, and my grandmother always liked him. Social institutions are integrated and complex norms that have to do with maintenance of a particular society’s values (Scott, 2009). My parents brought me up to be a Catholic and I have used my Catholic faith severally when approached by Irish gangs. My time at the Church reinforced my beliefs and, as an added advantage, Father Lance preached in Italian. After mass, I accompanied my grandmother as she talked to several of her old friends and it has always been clear that they see being Catholic as a way of life, which I also do, as well. During mass, I also saw some members of the neighborhood Irish gang, which has always been the same ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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