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Shaping My Future - Assignment Example

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The author of the essay tells about his development plan which includes a personal description, a description of the company he wants to work in (an independent Commercial and Residential Real Estate Company), a description of skills to develop and personal reflection…
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Shaping My Future
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Extract of sample "Shaping My Future"

Download file to see previous pages I’m at the height of my life and I want to seize it, find and celebrate it in others, and not forget for an instant that all things must pass. I think books and art are important, that they can illuminate life, place our priorities in context, and help us recognize poignancy in things others may miss. I feel the same idea applies to certain people and I want to find more of them. Friday I got excited reading Emerson’s essay on Self-Reliance (Emerson 1973), thinking it was written with someone like me in mind, then on Monday got depressed reading Rorty on the personal and social, and realized there’s no box and bow I can tie and package intellectual thought (Rorty 2007). I have had this realization over a hundred times, and I keep on searching. I’m not sure if the unexamined life is worth living, but a day in my life hasn’t passed where I have not examined the question.
I have considerable enterprise skills. I am a positive outgoing team player, with a professional and a creative attitude. I possess excellent communication skills, with an ability to interact with a broad range of clientele and top-level executives. I have outstanding writing and editing skills and pay meticulous attention to detail and the quality of my work. From time spent working in office environments, I have attained solid and experienced managerial and organizational abilities. I am also technically proficient with the ability to learn new software platforms with rapid speed. Through my University experience, I plan on attending diverse and challenging courses and will attain greater comprehension skills and develop long-term business goals and skills for my life.
I have conducted research into theories of learning styles and applied the findings to my own learning processes have gained a large amount of self-knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Shaping My Future Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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